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The Secret to Getting a Boxer Body

If you’re training to be a pro boxer, amateur boxer, or even a fight, one thing you’ll definitely want is a “boxer’s body.” What do I mean by a boxer’s body? It’s quite simple. Look at the greats of the boxing world like Muhammad Ali. Broad shoulders, built back, chest, and triceps.

And what do all boxers have in common? They train hard on the punch bags. A boxing bag is the boxer’s number one tool. So how does this contribute to getting a boxer body? Well, let us define a boxer body.

On an overall basis, I would define a boxer’s body as being very firm. This is key to having a boxer’s body and all pro boxers have this. Just go up to a boxer in the gym next time and give him a punch on the arm or chest! Whether he is muscularly built or not, you’ll feel as though you just punched a wall or a 250 lb heavy bag. If you look at fighters in the boxing world, you’ll notice a couple of things.

1) They are not all huge in terms of muscle mass

2) Muscles of many boxers aren’t overly defined

It is a common misconception that boxers are supposed to, or do, have bodies like weightlifters. This is not the case. Remember that muscle mass does not equate to strength. Proof of this lies in the MMA/UFC cages.

We’ve all seen very muscular fighters get completely owned by fighters who have very little muscular mass. A great example of this was the Lyoto Machida vs. Evans fight in UFC 98.

So a boxer body therefore equates to a body with much inner strength. An exercise that helps gain inner strength, that is, strength of the tissues, organs and ligaments, is hindu pushups. Another exercise is grappling and throwing a punching bag dummy. These help to built inner strength and not necessarily huge muscles.

So the secret to developing a real boxer’s body is to train like them. Do exercises that contribute to your inner strength. Meditate, train hard on the punch bags and don’t give up. If you want to firm up, use the boxing bag to train in rounds. Move around so you develop both endurance as well. To really firm up your muscles, you’re going to have to do a lot of cardio and inner strength training.

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Stay Young With Andorra’s Secrets For a Longer Life

Is it any wonder that the natives of Andorra have the longest life expectancy in the world? Clean air. Take your breath away mountain views. Well off, with nearly non-existent levels of crime (one prison with 50 inmates for the whole country), over 700 years of peace and a temperate climate of cold snowy winters and warm, dry summers; this tiny nation may indeed hold the secret to stay young, live longer and better.

At just 2.5 times the size of Washington, D.C., the country sits tucked between France and Spain, a landlocked nation of narrow valleys surrounded by the staggering Pyrenees mountains.

With a population of just over 82,000, Andorra has been a democracy since March 1993. Tourism accounts for 80% of the income of this well-to-do country, the banking sector; with its “tax haven” status also contributes to the prosperity of the country.

And if all this makes you want to pull up stakes and move… this next bit of news will surely tip the scales. Andorrans live longer than anyone else in the world according to the World Health Organization. The average life expectancy for natives in this almost hidden little country is 83.5 years – compared to U.S. life expectancy of 78.14 and the United Kingdom’s 78.85. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from these people.

Recently BBC reporter Paul Henley made a brief visit to this mountainous country recently to try and find out what sets them apart from the rest of the world. And what he found were plenty of reasons for the long, healthy lives of Andorra’s population.

For starters, there is a great emphasis on staying physically active. These people do hard, active work well past the age we’d retire. Every one of the seven parishes of the country has state of the art public (free to use) leisure centers.

It’s not uncommon to see people in their 80s and 90s very active – either taking fitness classes at the centers, taking care of cattle in rough terrain or in some other active occupation.

Another important difference is the diet…

In Andorra people tend to eat the classic Mediterranean diet – lean meats, fresh veggies, fruits, olive oil is used in cooking.

People know what’s healthy and seek it out. Restaurants offer delicious healthy foods as well. Interestingly, Andorrans do drink a good deal of red wine (even in the hospital), and continue to smoke cigarettes – completely unexpected considering their longevity numbers.

One other key to living longer here is the quality of the health care the citizens receive. The World Health Organization estimates that Andorra has the third best public health system in the world. The same report ranks the UK as 24th, Canada at 35th and the U.S. 72nd.

The hospital appeared to reporter Henley more like a private clinic, and the doctor’s there are now used to performing surgery on people in their eighties and nineties.

“They go back to their normal lives. And a very frequent question, before the operation, is ‘how soon will I be able to walk in the mountains again, to tend my garden, to go into the woods and gather mushrooms?” says Luis Pallares, an Andorran consulting surgeon.

Centuries of peace and a lack of violent crime complete the picture, giving Andorran citizens a peace of mind and ability to compromise that may well be part of the secret that allows them to stay young and has them living so much longer.

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Healthy Diet for Men: Build Yourself in Your Early 20’s

The diet choices you make during the early days of your youth can seriously affect the rest of your life. Studies show that men who have had a healthy lifestyle in their 20’s which included a nutritious, balanced diet were less likely to develop heart diseases as they aged, in comparison to those who did not have a balanced diet. Getting the right amount of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids and phytochemicals during your younger years may help you in many ways, a few of which are lowering the risk of neurological disorders, cancer and more. Having a healthy diet for men isn’t difficult. The key here is to avoid the intake of high-sugar, high-fat, processed foods instead of fresh produce, lean protein whole grains and healthy fats.

Here below are two ways through which you can build and maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Heap on Whole Grains: The United States of Agriculture says that moderately active men, especially those in their early 20’s must consume about eight 1-ounce servings of grains every day. An ounce of grains counts as 3 cups of air-popped popcorn, one slice of bread, 1 cup of ready to eat cereal, ½ cup cooked rice, pasta or cereal grains or one corn or flour tortilla. However, keep in mind that at least half of these grains must be whole grains such as whole-wheat couscous, noodles or bread or brown rice. To have a healthy diet for men, it is also essential to avoid commercially baked goods such as cakes, pastries, cookies or crackers as they are made from refined flour which contains trans fats that have a higher risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fruits and Veggies- Include them in your daily diet: It is said that men must eat about 2 cups of fruits daily, especially in their early 20’s. They must also consume plenty of vegetables, at least about 3 cups a day to have a healthy diet for men. To ensure that you’re getting enough, it is essential that you design each meal so that you ensure the consumption of fruits and vegetables. It is also advisable to choose fresh or frozen produce over canned fruits or vegetables whenever possible. In the case of using canned food, make sure to pick low or no sodium brands of vegetables and look for a fruit packed in 100% juice without any added sweetener.

Besides these, numerous other foods are essential for to have a healthy diet for men that help the various body functions and improve male health. However, this is just a few of the foods that are crucial to ensure a healthy living.

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Power In Your Daily Diet By Taking Cucumber, Garden Egg and Grape


Cucumber contains protein, fat, minerals, fiber, carbohydrate, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron and potassium.

Cucumber is useful in the following ways:

1. Cucumber is good in the treatment of hyper-acidity, gastric and duodenal ulcer. It gives immediate relief when there is burning sensation in the stomach.

2. Fighting of constipation:- The fiber content helps to overcome the hypotony which is the cause of constipation. Those who suffer from constipation can benefit by taking three cumbers a day.

3. For treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and gout:- These diseases are caused by uric acid, cucumber has some properties which give relief to such patients.

4. Control of diabetes:- It contain few carbohydrate and it is rich in mineral; and vitamin, it is quite a good healthy food for the diabetics.

It is also an ideal for the obese.

5. When grinded and applied regularly over the face for twenty minutes, it prevent pimples, it also freshens the skin. It is a good beauty aid and good moisturizer for the skin.


Garden egg is very rich in nutrient and very useful to the body.

1. It serves as good appetizer

2. It boost the immune system

3. Strengthens body tissues

4. A good diet for the hypertensive and diabetic patient

5. Enhances free circulation of bloods

6. Helps the nervous system to function well


Two types of nutrients stand out in the grape’s composition: sugar and B complex vitamins. It contains few protein and fats. The protein fructose, which are simple sugars and are capable of passing directly to the bloodstream without need for digestion. Grapes are among the rashest fresh fruit in vitamin B6 vitamin B1, B2 and B3 are also present in amounts that are greater than those of most fresh fruits. Grapes also contain significant amount of vitamin A and C. Among its mineral content are potassium, iron, calcium, phosphorus and copper. It contain 1% soluble vegetable fiver a significant amount for a fresh fruit. A grape is recommended in the following areas:

1. Grapes contain some organic acids which alkalize the blood and facilitate the elimination of metabolic waste such as uric acid in the body. It helps to detoxify the body.

2. Treatment of heart diseases:- the Flavonoids and Resveratrol content of grapes and grape juice enhance the dilation of the arteries and improve blood flow without forming clots. These also prevent the deposit of cholesterol on arterial wall of the heart. It is foods that protect the heart and the circulatory system.

3. Treatment of Thrombosis:- This is the blood tendency to form clots within the arteries and veins. This can be reduced by consumption of grapes. This is very important for those who have suffered a stroke or are at risk of one.

4. Anemia treatment:- grapes are one of the richest fresh fruits in iron which helps in building hemoglobin in the blood. A n anemic patient will notice improvement with the regular consumption of grapes.

5. Correcting liver disorder:- It helps to detoxify the liver, this stimulate glycogenic function and bile productions which enhanced the liver.

6. Intestinal disorders:- Grapes are a mild laxative that relieves chronic constipation due to lazy instine. They also balance intestine floral and avoid putrefaction a process of decaying caused by a diet rich in animal protein.

7. Renal disorders:- Because of grapes diuretic and decongestive action, as well as their mineral composition they are highly recommended in cases of renal failure.

8. Treatment of Gout and arthritis:- Grapes are excellent for eliminating Uric acid in the kidney. Regular grape consumption is particularly beneficial for arthritics, the Obese, and those with a diet rich in eat products.

9. Grapes reduces the effect of cancer:- the resveratrol found in grapes, particularly in the skin has been shown experimentally to posses anti-tumor properties. Abundant grape consumption is advised as a complement to other treatments for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are at high risk of it.

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Basmati Rice – Busting the Nutritional Myths

Rice has always been in question whenever there is a discussion of eating healthy. People face dilemma of whether to include rice in their diet or not, especially when they’re looking to live healthy and lose weight. Even when it comes to the absolutely delicious Indian Basmati Rice, there is always weighing of pros and cons before you include it to your shopping cart at the supermarket. But the questions still remain. Is rice really fattening? Should you avoid it completely?

Let’s look at the issue in detail to decide once and for all whether you should consume Basmati Rice or not as a regular diet. Basically there are numerous schools of thoughts which contradict one another while discussing Basmati Rice nutrition and calories content. One major group believes that the Indian Basmati is full of starch and has very little amount of nutrients to offer, hence they should be avoided especially by those who are looking to eat healthy and lose weight.

Contradicting them are those who believe that basmati is a rich source of carbohydrates and necessary minerals and hence must be consumed regularly. Both of them aren’t entirely wrong and neither entirely correct.

The Asian Heritage Argument

This argument mainly challenges those who claim rice is fattening. Basmati Rice is the staple food of many Asian countries who have been consuming it for generations after generations. Even then, they have managed to remain healthy and slim. Hence, it slightly proves that Basmati, in itself, is not entirely fattening.

Eating Rice in the Evening Makes you Fat

There are people who believe that consuming Rice in the evening causes the body to store excess fat. This fat is not burned off due to inactivity during sleep. But the truth is entirely different than that! The weight gain is not entirely due to the Rice you consume but it is an accumulation of all the calories you consume during the day. Rice Calories do add to that total but does not make the majority of it. If you consume more calories in total than the amount you burn off each day, you will gain weight irrespective of whether you consume Indian Basmati Rice or not.

Bad for Gluten-sensitivity

Another myth about Basmati Rice Nutrition is that it is a source of Gluten which causes health disorders. But the Indian Basmati Rice is inherently gluten-free. So if you’re suffering from celiac disease or NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitivity); you can still consume Basmati without any fear. Rice does not need gluten protein unlike dough to make them stick together. Hence, even if you’re gluten-intolerant, Basmati Nutrition will not affect your health in any way.

The Bottom Line

The next time you go to the supermarket to buy Indian Basmati Rice, you can add them in your cart without any regret. If everything else is going great for you like insulin sensitivity, regular activity, absence of metabolic deranging foods like fructose, lectins and excessive linoleic acid etc., then Basmati Rice Nutrition and Calories are not going to affect your health drastically.

In conclusion, we would like to advise you to stop curbing your craving for delicious Indian Basmati Rice delicacies and add it to your diet without any regrets.

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How to Get a Guy Interested After You Have Chased Him Too Much? These Tips Will Do the Repair Work

Have you chased a guy so much that it seems as if he’s no longer interested in you? This isn’t an impossible situation: you can get his interest back. Just follow these steps, and you are sure to find a way to turn his attention around.


Avoid sending him text messages, instant messages, and voice mail. This will make him start to think about what happened to you. He’ll wonder why you aren’t chasing him. Note that to pull this off successfully, one must have discipline and self-control.

Play hard to get

Playing hard to get really works when you need to get a guy’s interest back. This is because men like the thrill of the chase, and will pursue women who don’t show much interest after paying attention to her for some time.

Be still, thy heart

You may want to change your attitude after chasing a man too much. Don’t show him your true feelings. Always remain composed, even when he’s only a few feet away from you. Try not to show him that you’re aware of his presence, and that it’s affecting you in any way.

Get a makeover

Wear flirtatious clothes that can catch his eye. Buy new clothes, get a really nice haircut, and put on some new make-up. A change in appearance can insinuate that you’ve changed. You want to pique his curiosity. What exactly changed about you? The more you make him wonder, the more attention he’ll give you – which is what you’re after

Be Unavailable

Don’t answer his calls. This will make it look as if you have lost interest in him. The point is to make him wonder what exactly happened to change the way things were. Eventually, he’d want to know what happened to the woman who used to chase him, and start paying more attention to you.

Look confident

Make him believe that even if you have chased him a great deal, you are still the confident woman that you are. This might seem a bit difficult, since you did chase him around for a time, but a woman who is confident is a pedestal of assured positive energy that can rekindle his curiosity.

Respect yourself

Even if you were the one who did all the chasing, you still need to respect yourself! If you can’t get his interest back, work on trying to get over it – and move on. There are better things for you, and the sooner you get a hold of yourself, the sooner you’ll start acting more confident – and we’ve established that confidence is pretty attractive for men.

Who knows, it might even get his interest back!

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Grow Taller Tips – Exercises and Techniques That Stimulate Growth

Are you ready to devote the time needed for you to be in command of your body to increase your height and pick up your life? You can choose to grow taller today by following some very straightforward grow taller tips. Here are some tips and ideas will help you to grow taller.

There are easily executable, safe, and effectual exercises that have been used to help people all over the world increase their body height reasonably quickly. This is not ALL the information you will ever need to grow taller, but this should be enough to show you that the possibilities of you doing so are seriously larger than you ever imagined.

Each exercise is designed for safety and ease of understanding. They require a few minutes each to perform. They consist of these grow taller tips:

· Learning certain positions lying down to minimize stress or tension that gravity puts us under during every day.

· A well-known and very simple technique to instantly relieve stress in your lower back and lumbar regions.

· Correct the following problems: bad posture, over-tiredness or fatigue, depression.

· Demonstrate how equipment designed to help de-stress your spinal column, relax all your back and neck muscles and restore your posture so that you regain your natural height.

· Show you movements designed to correct your bearing and broaden your shoulders thereby improving your propensity for growth.

· Find exactly how your carriage position has been aching to get release.

· Show you why you must stop frowning or scowling and develop a smiling and sunny attitude.

These are some of the grow taller tips that you need to know in order to encourage your body to operate at its maximum height and for your mind to acknowledge that you really are getting taller along with a new healthier and positive mental outlook.

Hone in on the specifics, cut through any fog and get into thinking taller from now on.

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How to Be Successful on Medifast – My Top Three Tips to Help You Get the Results That You Want

No one wants to waste their time and money. And no one wants to put their faith in yet another diet program that’s going to disappoint them and leave them more frustrated and skeptical than when they started. And yet, this is what many of us secretly suspect is going to happen any time we brace ourselves to start a new diet program. I know that – at least in the end – I ultimately failed on many diets before I eventually changed things with medifast. Some were better and lasted longer than others, but ultimately my body seemed to always go back to where it seemed comfortable. (This weight was where my body seemed comfortable but not where I personally was comfortable.)

Honestly, by the time I made my way to medifast, I was under no illusions that it was going to be the solution. I was just looking to fulfill a short term goal – to lose weight for a wedding. And perhaps that’s why it stuck so much better than the others. It sort of snuck up on me because I wasn’t resisting, questioning myself, or over analyzing. My goal was simply to take it one day at a time, do well enough to reach my weekly goals, and to keep going if I were so inclined. This “one day at a time” approach took the pressure off and made the whole process much more desirable. And, once the results kept coming, that was the motivation that I needed to keep going.

If there is anything that I’ve learned, it’s that dieting is really tacking the short term hurdles and then just continuing on. You should keep losing gradual weight as long as you can keep going. When you stop, the weight creeps back up or the progress stops. This is why it’s so vital to pick a diet that you really can live with. In the following article, I will offer more tips that I’ve learned along the way that I believe had contributed the success that I’ve had with this diet.

Tip #1: Define Success In The Short Term: Do Not Allow Yourself To Feel Pressured Or Stressed: Here is a basic truth of all human nature. People are generally going to avoid things that feel undesirable. If you are not getting some positive pay off, then you’re going to begin making excuses, not giving your all, and eventually, you might give up.

Look at it this way. Say you want to lose 100 or even 50 pounds. Both of these seem like life changing yet daunting goals. But, if you were to lose only 2 ½ pounds each week (which really isn’t that difficult,) then you would lose 50 pounds in about five months and 100 pounds in less than a year. And along the way, because you weren’t stressing over it and taking a somewhat sensible approach, you would have probably enjoyed the process more and maybe picked up a new lifestyle which has everything to do with whether the weight will stay off.

Tip #2: Understand Ketosis And The Glycemic Load: (And How Medifast Helps You Achieve This:) There are probably not many people who equate medifast with high protein, carbohydrate controlled diets like Atkins or the belly cure. But, in a sense, it works under the same principal. The medifast foods are low in sugar and carbs and are weighty on the protein. Before you sigh or groan (like I did,) understand that the food has been modified to make this happen. You’re not eating eggs and bacon. You’re eating pudding, oatmeal, shakes, chili, chocolate bars, and chips – and not always foods that you would associated with being “low carb.”

By combining a low amount of calories and a low amount of carbs, you’re inching your body toward ketosis which is where your body finally gives in and starts burning fat stores rather than those carbs that it’s been feasting on. This is really your promised land and where you want to stay as often as you can manage it. And, this is why you want to reasonably follow the instructions for your one large “lean and green meal” each day. If everything is going along swimmingly with your five medifast meals but then you carb load at dinner (if that’s when you have your lean and green) then you run the risk of of getting out of your hard won ketosis. And then your progress might slow.

Of course, it’s completely unrealistic to expect that you will never cheat or come a little short and this is perfectly OK. It really is a marathon rather than a sprint. It’s the cumulative effect of all of your efforts. Don’t beat yourself up or stress yourself out. Just get back up and keep going.

Tip #3 Find Your Unique Stride Where Things Are Clicking And Keep Going: After a few weeks, many people find the combination of foods and preparation methods that are going to make this process the most comfortable and desirable. For me, it was making the shakes very cold and adding a little more liquid. It also took me a while to find a nice rotation of lean and green meals. I also learned it didn’t negatively affect me to add fat free cheese to the chili and chips or sugar free syrup to the oatmeal, pudding and shakes. These things made me like the foods better and I was still losing weight. Don’t feel guilty or bad for making things work for you. As long as you’re getting results, it’s all good.

Some people will make charts and rewards for themselves and others don’t like the pressure that this brings. Whatever works for you as an individual is absolutely fine. I believe that there are really only a few keys to this. Make it as pleasurable and as low stress as you can. Find what works. And then repeat the process so that you get the results that you want and make these things habitual.

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How to Get a Small Waist and Big Hips by Dancing!

Every celebrity has their secrets-especially on their ways on how to get a small waist and big hips. Marilyn Monroe is one good example. She has the perfect hourglass shape, with the vital statistic of 36, 26, 36. Many people admire women, and even men who have the perfect figure that is why one should invest on maintaining a good shape.

How to Get a Small Waist and Big Hips

Small waist plus big hips gives an hour glass shape to the body. Achieving such figure can be really demanding because it requires discipline and perseverance. Thankfully, you can achieve the perfect shape while enjoying and having fun at the same time, too. This method of losing weight and body training is found in the form of dancing.

How to Get a Small Waist and Big Hips by Dancing

There are a number of dance forms that can encourage weight loss and body toning. In fact, dancing is an excellent form of exercise because it increases one’s heart rate making it a good cardiovascular activity. It also tightens and tones muscle groups such as the waist and hips. Dancing can also help you burn a significant amount of calories.

If you are really interested with exercising through dancing, you first need to choose the right form of dance that suits you in general. It must be fit for your physical and health condition. One of the forms of dance that you can choose to incorporate in your routine is belly dancing.

Belly Dancing. Belly dancing is quite popular among those who wish to learn how to get a small waist and big hips. This dance form is considered as one of the oldest ones in the world. It is both a sensual and beautiful dance form, and it also offers a good form of exercise. It also isolates the waist and hips often, thus making for a good exercise for that part of the body.

You can start with exercising with belly dancing by finding a good mentor or instructor who can guide you through the basic principles of the dance as well as teach you the right movements. You may also enroll at a fitness or dance center where belly dancing sessions are offered. You may also watch instructional DVDs on belly dancing. Moreover, you may need to invest on some belly dancing supplies, such as costumes, to make the most out of it. Although this is not necessary, it can definitely drive more inspiration.

The Possibility of a Slim Waist and Big Hips

By dancing your way towards a smaller waist and bigger hips, you can be assured that you will be able to achieve your goals while actually enjoying and loving what you do. There are dance forms such as belly dancing that focus on the abdominal fats and hip abductors. With that in consideration, you can finally lose your waist fats and build up your hips.

Securing the perfect shape can be a good asset for both sexes. Many people use a lot of money for cosmetic operations but the perfect shape can be actually achieved without shedding that much cash. There are a few sources online that are perfect for those people who want to spend less and get more than they deserve in achieving a slim waist plus bigger hips. They offer different guidelines and advices that can showcase how to get a small waist and big hips.

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The Principle of Reversibility – What Happens When You Stop Exercising?

The Principle of Reversibility as it applies to exercise and fitness training means: If you don’t use it, you lose it. This principle is well-grounded in exercise science and is closely related to the biological principle of Use and Disuse. (1)

While rest periods are necessary for recovery after workouts, extended rest intervals reduce physical fitness. The physiological effects of fitness training diminish over time, causing the body to revert back to its pretraining condition.

Detraining occurs within a relatively short time period after you stop exercising. Only about 10% of strength is lost 8 weeks after training stops, but 30-40% of muscular endurance is lost during the same time period. (2)

The Principle of Reversibility does not apply to retaining skills. The effects of stopping practice of motor skills, such as weight training exercises or sport skills, are very different.

A skill once learned is never forgotten, especially if well learned. Coordination appears to store in long-term motor memory and remains nearly perfect for decades, particularly for continuous skills (e.g., riding a bike, swimming). If you stop training, over time you will lose strength, endurance, and flexibility, but you will remember how to execute the skills involved in performing exercises and activities. (3)

Tips on How to Apply the Principle of Reversibility

1. After long rest intervals, begin a conditioning program to rebuild your base of strength and endurance.

2. For sports, take an active rest to minimize the effects of detraining during the off season.

3. Increase exercise gradually and progressively after a long break. Be patient about regaining your previous fitness level.

4. Do not attempt to lift heavy weight loads without proper conditioning after a long break. You will remember how to properly execute the lifts, but you may sustain an injury if you overestimate how much weight you can lift.

5. Emphasize stretching exercises to regain joint flexibility. This is particularly important for older adults who participate in senior sports.


1. Powers, S.K., Dodd, S.L., Noland, V.J. (2006). Total fitness and wellness (4th ed.). San Francisco: Pearson Education.

2. Costill, D. & Richardson, A. (1993). Handbook of sports medicine: Swimming. London: Blackwell Publishing.

3. Schmidt, R.A. & Wrisberg, C.A. (2000). Motor learning and performance: A problem-based learning approach (2nd ed.). Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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