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How 6 Pack Abs Can Help You Grow Taller

It definitely seems like it’s too good to be true, but its not. Getting those six pack abs can actually help you grow taller and vice-versa. This is because the elements of your body that are involved in both processes are anything but independent on one another and – quite the opposite – are actually very dependent. This means that by working on becoming leaner and more fit in your goal to obtain those perfect abs can help you grow taller and by strengthening your core muscles and becoming more flexible on your journey to grow taller, you will see a reduction of fat and increase in muscle around your abdomen. It’s a perfect synergistic relationship.

Since the bulk of increased height often comes from the optimization of your spine and the components that make up your spinal column, your abdominal area is a crucial place to target for optimization as well. This is because your abdominal muscles don’t exist simple to make you look great on the beach without a shirt on, they are the protective, supportive wall that helps support your spinal column and give you the strength to carry yourself upright.

By strengthening your core, you are accelerating your progress in your grow taller exercises. By performing your grow taller exercises, you are strengthening your core. The two are not mutually exclusive and that is very good news.

To begin helping your body accomplish both goals at the same time, adhere to basic, no-nonsense, proven ab-training exercises as well as a complete regimen of height increase exercises including cardiovascular exercises, stretching exercises, and strength-training exercise. You diet – as always – will also play an immense role in helping you reach both goals as well.

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‘Discover the Best You’ With These Simple Lifestyle Changes

It would be great if we can just hold on to a magical diet plan and then in two weeks’ time, achieve a slim figure like that of Cinderella. But reality proves otherwise.

No matter what diet plan you decide to go by, none of those plans have the power to transform you unless you stick on to it. The problem is not with the diet, but with your commitment. Now hitting hard on with that sensitive remark might be tough, but if you examine, you’ll find what went wrong in your previous attempts.

The secret is rather simple. No matter how drool-worthy a meal looks, don’t pay heed to its urgings, or else you’ll end up feeling guilty for giving in to the temptations and would have lost another attempt with another worthy diet plan.

Being able to do this abruptly, especially when your hunger is at its peak, could be overwhelming and it’s not going to happen overnight. Start with your little baby steps as you progress to a point where you can make a healthy choice between a plate of colorful salad and a deluxe steak burger.

If you are all set to take your baby steps, check out these simple yet very effective lifestyle changes that can even get you ramp ready in no time.

1. Quit being fitness focused, be wellness focused

Fitness is nothing without wellness and health. Hoping to get in shape in the quickest way possible, if you forget about staying healthy, you’ll probably end up in the ER. It is possible that sometimes, focusing too much on getting those fancy abs, we go overboard and compromise our health. Your fitness regimen will work for your good only if your diet is equally healthy and adequate. So start prioritizing your requirements.

2. Quit jumping mountains, take one step at a time

Trying to take an instant transformation from being a junk food junkie to a complete nutritarian will only bring you back to where you started. Try taking one step at a time. Sketch out a feasible plan that imparts both exercising and healthy eating. Start working out for just ten minutes and try abandoning pizzas for a bowl of fresh, crunchy collard greens salad for lunch. Remember, “Salad is your main dish” by all means. Skip your regular diet cokes and indulge in a tall glass of Agua Fresca whenever hunger calls.

3. Quit watching and waiting, broaden your perspective

The key to enjoying proud results is not in counting your days and bearing the brunt of not being able to enjoy the meals that you once did. Fix your focus on the end result that you’ll be able to achieve. All the hardships you face today are nothing when compared to the much healthier and enviable version of you, tomorrow.

By combining these aspects of fresh thinking, smart eating, and mindful living, you’ll be able to reach where you need to be. As you move through this journey, your peers can’t help noticing the changes and it wouldn’t be surprising even if your fitness saga goes viral.

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Stay Focused Through The Diet Plan Minefield

Dieting to lose weight or to maintain that svelte figure can be challenging enough when you have personal control over each meal or snack opportunity. A strong partner who is “all in” with you on the same or similar plan can make all the difference in keeping you accountable and on track. Enter all the other players who either don’t share your dietary views, or contribute to your waistline despite their best intentions.

The most important of these is your significant other, spouse, partner or other live-in companion. Aside from you, this person exerts the greatest influence on your diet plans. If you work together and you are equally committed to the plan, life will be like magic and the path to health and happiness is much easier. If your partner becomes overweight for any reason, your chances of following that same path increase dramatically. It can simply be too difficult to reduce portion sizes and select healthier options when you are served up mountains of food.

In addition to the challenge of managing food intake, your partner influences you in other ways that can affect your health and your ability to maintain your diet. Stress and depression are examples of these. If your partner struggles with stress or depression continuously, this will create anxiety in you and your stress levels will increase as a result. If one partner is dealing with stress, find ways for both to engage in stress-relieving activities like exercise and intimacy.

The re-balancing of stress hormones will help you both stay focused on your diet and it will improve your relationship. Similarly, if your partner has difficulty sleeping or snores loudly, the constant movement and noise may disrupt your sleep and you will both become fatigued during the day. This fatigue affects your physical and mental performance and it can trigger food cravings.

Of course, other family members play a role as well. If you have children, you may choose to keep a variety of snack treats in the pantry as a reward for their good behavior. These snacks are not good representatives of your preferred diet options.

Yet, they are in front of you daily and you can’t help noticing how much your child relishes each bite. It all starts when you reach into the pantry to retrieve the snack, and if there is any preparation involved, you are sunk. You will not be able to resist absorbing a few hundred calories at snack time, for your children.

The list of Yo-Yo diet friends goes beyond the walls of your own kitchen. As you leave home and head off to work for the day, you encounter co-workers who invite you out to lunch at local restaurants. As they each order their meals fit for a mammoth, your choices begin to expand so the soup and salad option evolves into a double burger and fries by the time the waiter turns to you. Sharing a cheesecake for dessert adds a lot more calories; even though you may justify it by thinking that you’re only eating half of it.

Evenings and weekends are good opportunities to spend time with close friends, take in a ball game and enjoy each other’s friendship. If your friends are not equally committed to your dietary vision, you will make compromises at every meal. Watching sports on television will be a calorie-fest of snacks, beer and sodas.

Staying steadfast is entirely up to you. Having supporters makes the job easy and that is where your determination comes in. Partners, children, co-workers and close friends are all easily influenced by you, just as you are by them. Stick to your guns and make your choices and the reasons and benefits clear to them – without lecturing, of course – and you will slowly alter their behavior to the point where enough of them will become fans and supporters of your diet plan.

Decide to keep your food portions to normal human sizes, regardless of what others choose to do. Insist on that soup and salad lunch option at the restaurant. Keep children’s snacks out of sight and adjust them to healthier options over time. This may take a while, so the best time to start is now.

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Every Body in the Game! Make Moves for Good Health

The first month of the year represents new beginnings and one of the things that folks put on the list in January is to lose weight. In fact that is something most Americans need to do. According to the Center for Disease Control 70% of adults age 20 and older are overweight, including those that are obese. These stats are costly. The economic impact of being overweight can affect earnings. Those who are overweight tend to have higher rates of absenteeism, lower productivity and higher medical costs. Though this health concern impacts folks from coast to coast, it’s a particularly weighty matter in Southern states, which have been labeled the “obesity belt.” We all need to watch it and be mindful that children model the behavior they see.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama helped put childhood obesity on the radar. In an effort to aid parents, child care providers and children in battling this bulge, she focused on healthier eating-more fruits and vegetables, installed a garden at the White House for home-grown produce, promoted staying hydrated with water and got kids moving. The Let’s Move! Campaign initiative focused on setting the table to raise a generation of healthier kids. Youth carrying too much weight can face many of the same health issues that we see in adults-propensity to develop heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea, poor body image and low self-esteem.

It is no wonder that childhood obesity has been creeping up. Today many children do not walk to school, snack-time has ballooned from one snack to an average of three each day and technology has given rise to sedentary leisure. Between the PC, smartphone, Game Boy and video gaming it can be hard to get those young bodies moving. This is where the adults have to become actively involved. Here are some easy recommendations of behavior you can adopt and encourage the young people in your family circle to try.

You Are What You Eat-Keep an assortment of colorful fruits and vegetables on hand. The more colorful the food, the better it is for you. Add something new to the shopping cart. If you see an item you’re unfamiliar with in the produce section-buy one or two to sample and learn the nutrients that it contains. You can actually make this a family activity. It is amazing that some young people are unfamiliar with typical fruits and vegetables, let alone some of the new items like kiwi, jackfruit or purple cauliflower. Encourage your kids to eat 5 to 7 fruits and vegetables every day.

Let’s Move—Get active and encourage your children to do the same. Young people age 6 to 17 need to be active 60 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. If you have a dog, encourage the kids to join you in walking the dog or join your designated dog walker for at least one of those walks each day. If you’re going to the Y to work out, see if they have an activity program for children at the same time. Getting in the routine of going to work out is an excellent habit to help children develop. Try your hand at some of the activities and sports your kids enjoy-there is nothing more entertaining to kids than to see the adults in their lives trying to jump rope, hula hoop or simply race them to the corner!

Try to adopt these suggestions and include them in your family activities for the next 30 days. You’ll find that everyone will have fun, be less stressed, and more energetic by including these simple changes in their lifestyle. Try it-I am pretty sure you will like it too.

Take Away: Children model the behavior they see in adults. Make a few changes in family activities and eating habits. The results will benefit the entire family.

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Kettlebells and Shoulder Pain – Upper Cross Syndrome

Upper Cross Syndrome causes postural deviations of the neck and shoulder. Tightening and hyperactivity of the internal rotators of the shoulder (e.g. the pectorals) and the neck extensors (e.g. the posterior cervical group, the upper trapezius, the sternocleidomastoid muscle) results in inhibition of the deep neck flexors, the scapula retractors (e.g. rhomboid, mid and lower trapezius) and the external rotators of the shoulder (e.g. the rotator cuff). This results in a chin forward slumped posture, often accompanied by shoulder elevation. This dysfunctional postural and movement pattern results in fertile ground for almost all the common musculo-skeletal ailments of the upper body including neck pain, shoulder pain, rotator cuff injury, cervicogenic headache etc. How does one get upper cross syndrome? Look around. Almost everything we do as a society is done in front of us, driving, cooking, writing, cleaning, computer work. Add in a healthy dose of stress (causing upper trapezius hyperactivity) and you have upper cross syndrome!

Kettlebell training (as you would expect) addresses this problem in a dynamic and functional way. In addition to training lower body, core and cardiovascular system, kettle bell training will reverse the upper cross syndrome. Clean and press, snatches and high pulls facilitate and strengthen the mid and lower trapezius, rhomoboids and rotator cuff. This in turn will inhibit the upper traps and neck extensors, reversing shoulder elevation and chin forward posture. Strengthening the scapular retractors and facilitation of the rotator cuff results in external rotation of the shoulders; pulling the shoulders out of the vulnerable internal rotation position. That is why one of the first things you begin to see with someone who is training with kettlebells is improved upright posture.

A proper and well performed kettlebell routine will not only get you in the best shape of your life, but repair the damage done to your body by western lifestyle. Other exercises may increase strength or endurance, but usually do little to reverse the dysfunctional patterns created by day to day life and actually may make things worse. That is why I call the kettlebell workout, cross training for your life.

(c) 2007 Ronald J. Tyszkowski, DC – All Rights Reserved

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Height Increase Exercises – Grow Taller Now and Heighten Your Chance at Love!

Have you ever been attracted to someone but do not have the confidence to make the move…just because you are several inches shorter than her other guy friends?

This is a common problem for most adult guys. But all that can change though. No, I am not asking you to go for that limb lengthening surgery to make yourself taller – it is much too dangerous and expensive to do so.

I am going to share with you a secret to become taller than you already are right now…by doing height increase exercises.

That’s right guys! Put on your spandex because you are going to work your way out to increase your height!

Okay, forget the spandex…for now.

But what I am saying is it is perfectly possible for you to start increasing your height by doing a special set of exercises targeted at lengthening certain parts of your body.

Yes the results are as good, or even better, than limb lengthening surgeries. The difference is, by height increase exercises, you ACTUALLY grow taller naturally.

So what do these exercises do?

These are actually stretching routines that help to correct the alignment and the curvature of your spine. Additionally, your spine is gently stretched and extended to reach its maximum possible length.

Believe it or not, because your spine accounts for 40% of your total height, stretching your spine this way helps you to achieve an increase of about 2 to 4 inches to your height in just a matter of weeks!

Just imagine how different you would look then…not to mention your increased self-confidence to finally approach the girl of your dreams – and then some *winks*.

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Sprint to Look Better Naked!

Traditional approaches to cardio for fat loss have focused solely on exercising in the “Fat-Burning Zone” (FBZ), also know as the aerobic zone, by performing slow, steady-state exercise of low to moderate-intensity for long-durations. However, aerobic exercise alone has not only FAILED at producing significant fat loss, it can actually cause you to store fat (think trouble spot areas) and lose muscle. Not too sexy!

So what’s the alternative? Exercising in the “Carb-Burning Zone” (CBZ), also know as the anaerobic zone, to make your workouts dramatically shorter AND more effective. This is accomplished via interval training where you alternate between bouts of all-out high-intensity sprints and low to moderate-intensity active recovery periods. The sprint portion of the interval rapid depletes your body’s glycogen (the stored form of carbohydrate, or sugar, in muscle) tank so that your body starts using fat (both dietary and stored body fat) as it’s primary energy source at all other times of the day. More specifically, sprints lasting 30-60 seconds in length are scientifically proven to burn up the most sugar in your body so that you can quickly tap into your unwanted fat stores.

For maximal fat loss we highly recommend intervals that consist of a sprint followed by an active recovery period of greater or equal length depending on your current level of conditioning, with the exception of some elite level interval protocols where the recovery period is actually less than the sprint period (e.g. Tabatas). For example, if using a 30 second sprint, here’s how you would go about selecting the appropriate active recovery period for your current fitness level to best customize your interval training workouts:

Level I- Beginner: Use a 1:3 work to rest ratio (30 s on, 90 s off)

Level II- Intermediate: Use a 1:2 work to rest ratio (30 s on, 60 s off)

Level III- Advanced: Use a 1:1 work to rest ratio (30 s on, 30 s off)

In addition, this form of training not only burns a ton of calories during the actual workout but has a serious AFTERBURN effect which will have you burning more calories for hours and hours after your workout is completed (some studies suggest anywhere from 12-24+ hours). This phenomenon is know as Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) and describes the energy expended by your body in the recovery of your metabolic rate back to pre-exercise levels. The best part about EPOC is that you control it, meaning that the harder you work during training the more calories your body will burn BOTH during your workout AND for up to 24-48 hours after completing your workout!

So what are you waiting for?

Start sprinting to look better naked TODAY!

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Penis Enlargement Exercises – Dry Jelqing Vs. Wet Jelqing

If you are a newbie to the world of penis enlargement exercises, then this article is perfect for you. Here, you can learn about dry jelqing and wet jelqing and how you can build the perfect routine with this core technique.

Out of all of the penis enlargement exercises out there, jelqing is the most popular one for men who want to increase their penile girth. This technique has similar motions to masturbation, so if you have ever masturbated before – which you undoubtedly have if you are like any other regular man out there – then jelqing should come as second nature to you.

While there are a lot of jelqing variations out there, they all usually use the same core technique. If you are a beginner, though, then here is the perfect guide on how to come up with the perfect routine of penis enlargement exercises that you can follow without taking up more than 10 minutes of your day.

How does jelqing work, though? Well, first and foremost, you should know that the overall effectiveness of these penis enlargement exercises mostly lies on the man who does them. So, if you do not see any positive results in the long run, you really won’t have anyone to blame but yourself.

To start, let us take a look at dry jelqing. Before dry jelqing, you will have to warm your penis up if you want to make the most of your efforts. Warming up your manhood will help send as much blood as possible into your penis. It would be important to do this warm up without getting a proper erection, though. An easy way to do this would be by lightly slapping your manhood back and forth between your thighs.

After that, wrap your thumb and index finger around your penile shaft while forming an OK sign. This will be the default hand sign that your hands will use throughout these penis enlargement exercises. After that, lightly squeeze your grip and start milking your shaft up to behind the tip. Pause for a while and then continue doing the whole motion over the glans. This will count as one repetition. Do the same thing with your other hand and do two jelqs to complete one set.

Most beginners start a regular routine of 20 to 40 sets, depending on how their manhood reacts to the exercise. Either way, make sure you keep clean and try to use some lotion if you don’t have any penile problems that you need to worry about. This should make the exercise easier for you overall.

Wet jelqing, on the other hand, involves proper skin lubricant, like baby oil. Wet jelqing is most often used by more experienced practitioners, though, since an erection will be needed all throughout the practice.

To do this exercise, warm up your penis in the same way that you would warm it up for warm jelqing. Then, rub some lubricant onto your hands and stimulate your manhood until you get a semi-erection. Then, do the same steps as mentioned above for dry jelqing. Keep in mind that your manhood will be much more vulnerable in this case because of the erection, though. So, if you feel any pain while doing these penis enlargement exercises, make sure you ease up on the pressure or apply more lubricant into your hands.

Generally speaking, wet jelqing is the better option when it comes to expanding penile girth faster. Since it is done with an erection, it has already expanded your penis more than usual. As such, doing this exercise on a regular basis will bring about better results, as well.

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Top 8 Benefits of Regular Exercise

We all want a lean and healthy body, and regular exercise is the only way to have it. But due to the busy lifestyle in this 21st century, we can barely manage enough time to do it. If you have been thinking about exercising regularly for some time, this article is here to motivate you with reasons why you need to hit the gym now.

1. For an improved memory

Regular exercise not only provides more oxygen to your brain but also boosts your memory power. Recent studies have shown that increased blood flow due to vigorous exercise has a part to play in improving memory power.

2. For more energy

You may feel tired and weak after an intense training session. But with proper rest and nutrition, you will surely have more energy than ever before.

3. For better sleep

Suffering from insomnia? Don’t worry, just start exercising on a regular basis and this problem will be gone in no time. However, remember to exercise in the morning or afternoon instead of right before going to the bed.

4. For a stress-free life

Stress may be a part of your life, but you have the chance to fight it off with regular exercise. Endorphins released in the brain while exercising efficiently reduce stress, making you feeling better at all times.

5. For superior immunity

Just exercise 3 to 4 times a week and soon your immune system will certainly be strong enough to fight flu, viruses and other diseases. Some recent researches have proved that those who exercise regularly are half as likely to get a cold than those who don’t do it at all.

6. For better sex

We all know regular exercise helps improve blood circulation all over the body. Thus, it helps increase sexual stimulation and reduces erectile dysfunction.

7. For superior confidence

Hitting the gym on a daily basis helps you look good and stay fit. And when you feel better about yourself, your feel confident in doing whatever you do.

8. For living longer

It’s a known fact that staying fit and healthy is the key to living a long life and avoiding premature aging. One study found that you will get the same benefits of quitting smoking if you take part in regular training sessions. Moreover, you can expect to add 10 to 20 more years in your life expectancy if you live on a proper diet and stay fit at all times.

Let’s admit it, it’s hard for us to manage even one hour every day to go to the gym. No matter what, you must try your best in order to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Online Personal Workout Program – The Million Dollar Question

Many people believe getting nutrition only from food is a bad idea. Sometimes we need supplement and exercise on a regular basis for healthy body and mind. If you eat a healthy diet each day and think that you are getting enough nutrition then you are probably mistaking something. Studies found that sometimes taking supplement is good with regular exercise as long as you ate balanced diet. Some people these days found very serious for food intake and exercise, and follow a higher nutritious diet, often they take supplements with regular food, sometimes consult with health experts and sometimes over the counter.

Benefits of Online Workout Programs

Taking health supplements and consulting with experts online are some of the common things at present days. The benefits of online workout programs are many. One can find a plan sitting at home, choose supplements if needed after consulting the experts, complete the fitness plans from the industry’s best experts. Not only does every trainer provide workouts, but they also include exercise and health consultation.

  • Millions of busy men and women who do not find enough time to visit or consult with nutritionists take up online workout programs and consult with health expert for required supplements.
  • Many of them register or online exercise program, where they get in touch with experts virtually or often a group of experts, who are nutritionists, trainers, body builders and healers.
  • They can consult for supplement needs and exercise, and especially if they are overweight or underweight. Health experts provide best plans and supplements possible, so that they can gain or reduce weight, also can improve health as per requirement.
  • An online exercise planer can provide training and fitness tips. First and foremost, the person is one who holds you accountable. Discussing with trainer online is easy and affordable. No need to go there. You can connect whenever you need.
  • If you are not sure where to start or what to take, which supplement is good, what workout you need, when you decided to take training at home, or if you have plan of taking a supplement over the counter, then the online trainer helps you.
  • If you are a busy person, who does not have time to go out for an exercise class, gym or jogging every day, an online trainer could help you know which thing or workout would be best for you, that you can do at home.
  • If you are a fitness enthusiast or want to build strong body or looking for body building camp that helps your workout, but do not have time to join the camp, online program is good for you. You can join the periodical camp for workout as well occasionally.

Last, but certainly not the least, the biggest advantage lies in online workout programs is affordability and flexibility. The workout sessions are not done in person, but you can choose the best time to complete the workout. You can choose your available equipment at home consulting with the experts. Online training programs cost less per month compared to long hour in person workout sessions. The million-dollar question: Are the outcomes as good as what you would get from a one to one session, from a real-life trainer? The answer is ‘yes’. People who have enrolled these programs considered good and satisfactory.

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