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The True Definition of Conditioning in Sports and Fitness

Conditioning is a word that is used a lot in the fitness industry but what does it really mean to have conditioning? There are those that are ripped from strength conditioning, marathon runners have to go through a type of stamina conditioning and then there is the conditioning that is necessary for fighters and martial artists.

Conditioning can come off as this hard core concept of hard work and training to build your body up so it can perform or endure what the sport demands of it.

And it’s true.

However, that is not the whole picture of what it means to be a conditioned athlete. Building your body and it’s performance potentials is only the outcome associated to having “great conditioning”.

The other half of the definition of conditioning is more about the discipline, the standard and the values that you adopt.

“Great conditioning” is the result of adopting and integrating habits, standards and values that slowly, over time changes and transforms the conditions of the body.

Conditioning isn’t so much about building yourself up but rather more about adopting a specific way of being that will serve you in the long run which is beneficial for the performance and execution of the skills in a given sport or physical activity.

So, how do you integrate a great conditioning ritual? One that will meet your athletic needs based on the sport or physical activity of your choice?

A good place to start is by looking at where your values are placed in your sport. By looking at the components that you already have a natural inclination to favour and value, then you have a platform where you can design for yourself a discipline that you are more than likely to commit to.

If for example you naturally favour cardio, then use that as a base to develop a discipline to condition, not only great cardio but also as a way to condition better form, more strength and greater endurance doing the activity that is the source of cardio. It’s also a great way to develop secondary attributes. If, for instance you typically rely on jogging for cardio but you would like to develop another physical skill or work on some upper body, than you might consider cardio boxing. Or you might want to develop better foot co-ordination and do some skip rope.

By focusing on what you already prefer, you are much more likely to build on it and develop a discipline and from a place of discipline is where conditioning can flow from the best.

Also, using discipline is a powerful way to predispose yourself to growth and improvement in a specific skill or attribute. Once you have established a discipline on a particular practice, then it’s only a matter of pushing yourself and upping the ante in order to improve and refine that conditioning.

Let me leave with one final thought, and that is, when thinking in terms of the type of conditioning you feel you may need for whatever fitness goal that you have, think about what habits you need to adopt and how you need to be in the process of the training rather than what you need to do to reach and achieve a goal to finally arrive at. Chances are that when you arrive at that goal, in order to maintain it, you will need to sustain the conditioning by maintaining the practice that got you there in the first place.

Conditioning is a process.

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Elbow Pain From Biceps Curls? Here’s What to Do

Biceps curls are the classic bodybuilding exercise used to add mass to the biceps. Furthermore, they’re used as assistance exercises by weight lifters and other strength athletes. If you spend any amount of time training for bodybuilding or athletics, odds are you’ll do some biceps curls.

The problem is that biceps curls done incorrectly can damage your elbow joint.

This happens at the bottom of the movement, when the arm is extended, and it usually takes a long, long time to heal once the pain becomes noticeable. What’s more, once you get elbow damage, you will continue to injure yourself further if you try to ‘train through the pain’ or ignore what’s happening in hopes that it will all just go away.

Three types of elbow injury caused by biceps curls

All elbow pain isn’t indicative of the same problem. There are three injuries related to curls that might cause elbow problems.

One is ligament damage. The ligaments are tough, fibrous bands of connective tissue that hold your elbow joints together, and limit you to a proper range of motion.

The second elbow injury is tendon damage or inflammation to the biceps tendon (and, less commonly, to tendons associated with muscles in the forearms).

Finally, you might experience actual elbow joint damage. But this usually only occurs when you refuse to let an injury heal. It’s more a symptom of stubbornness than it is of improper curling technique.

How to do biceps curls so you avoid elbow problems

The first sort of elbow problem — caused by ligament damage — is usually the result of hyperextension of the elbow joint during biceps curls. The weight of the barbell or dumbbell forces your joint past it’s proper range of motion when your arm is straight, causing the ligaments to stretch (or worse).

This is a common injury when people use a preacher bench without an ez-curl bar. The preacher bench makes it easy to get a full range of motion during high-intensity curls, but it also puts your elbow into a dangerous position. If you’re not experienced with the preacher curl, you are in danger of hurting your elbow. The ez curl bar keeps your elbows oriented properly, reducing (but not eliminating) the danger.

The second type of elbow pain — tendon damage — is usually a result of overtraining. But it also happens when you “cheat” during a curl. The extra weight can cause a repetitive-stress injury to the elbow tendon as you lower the weight. Again, using an ez-curl bar keeps the elbows “locked into a groove” and helps prevent this sort of injury. Young guys who are obsessed with the appearance of their biceps in a tight t-shirt often fall prey to this sort of overuse injury. Performing endless sets of high-rep biceps curls will pump up your upper arms, but it won’t build true strength and size. It’s better to stick to a sensible number of sets and make sure to keep your reps below 12.

Finally, damage to the elbow joint is caused when ligament damage is present. People who continue to work out despite having stretched-out ligaments are going to damage the joints. This is something you shouldn’t ever do. If you are so obsessed with working out that you push through elbow pain, you need the services of an exercise psychologist. Be sensible and allow it to rest and heal.

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Are There Side Effects of Taking FRS Healthy Energy? (FRS Healthy Energy Drink Side Effects-Dangers)

Since this is often being called the healthiest energy drink on the market, it’s important to learn about any side effects of taking FRS Healthy Energy drink before allowing it into our bodies.

FRS Healthy Energy has proven its benefits including decreased fatigue, increased energy and endurance, sharper focus and concentration, and improved overall health.

It seems that there are no known side effects of FRS Healthy Energy drink for almost all normal, healthy people, but a deeper look at the key ingredients can help determine if people with specific food allergies or people who are taking certain medications might experience negative side effects if taking FRS energy drink.

Caffeine in FRS Healthy Energy

First off, energy drink caffeine in excessive amounts is never healthy. Anywhere from 200-300 mg of caffeine a day is generally considered a healthy amount to stick to.

Depending on your age, weight, smoking habits, drug and medicine use, stress levels and other health factors, consuming 500-600 mg of caffeine in a day may have such health risks and side effects as heart arrhythmia, insomnia, nervousness, irritability, anxiety, muscle tremors, headaches and nausea.

Thankfully, FRS Healthy Energy derives its caffeine primarily from green tea extract, and a single serving contains only 48mg of caffeine, which is about the amount of a half a cup of coffee.

You would need to drink about 11 cans of FRS energy supplement in a single day in order to risk the harmful side effects of caffeine. I should hope this won’t not be a problem! The FRS Healthy Energy company themselves recommend consuming three servings per day for optimal results.

The caffeine in FRS is meant to enhance the uptake and processing of the key ingredients (namely, quercetin and B-vitamin) rather than to directly give energy.

Quercetin in FRS Healthy Energy

Quercetin is the secret to FRS Healthy Energy’s patented ingredients. This powerful antioxidant helps turn your body into its own energy-production powerhouse.

Normal, healthy people should not be concerned with any side effects of the quercetin in FRS energy drink, but here are some known medication interactions that you should be aware of depending on what drugs you’re currently taking.

While it is unclear the specific nature of the interaction, it is believed that there is a reaction between quercetin and antibiotics. Until more definitive research emerges, it’s important to be aware of this possibility.

FRS quercetin is also thought to have an interaction with some metabolic enzymes, which has lead to theories that FRS might have the ability to increase the effects of some medications on the body. While this has not been proven, it’s wise to bear in mind if you are someone who takes a lot of medications and has sensitive or unstable health.

Food Dyes in FRS Healthy Energy

Finally, there are trace amounts of food dye in FRS drinks, so if you are someone who suffers from a severe allergy to food dyes, then it would be best to avoid this product completely just to be safe.

Bottom Line: Are There Any FRS Healthy Energy Drink Side Effects?

For almost all healthy individuals, FRS energy supplement does not have any known side effects. As with anything though, make sure to drink FRS in reasonable quantities. If you do experience any negative side effects, stop or reduce consumption.

The natural and healthy ingredients in FRS Healthy Energy should actually provide you with more health benefits than negative side effects. The only known and documented effects are increased energy, drive and focus as well as a boost in overall health.

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Amino Acids Supplement – Laminine Review

An Amino acids supplement can come in many different forms. There are many synthetically produced amino acids supplements but in this article I’m going to concentrate on a natural source of amino acids and provide a Laminine review.

There are thousands of testimonials about Laminine which is sold multi level marketing company.

An Amino acids supplement is essential to growth and vitality and many people have now experienced the benefits of it.

It contains the building blocks of life. What isn’t common knowledge is that Laminine is a brand name, chosen for its likeness to “Laminin”.

You can search on YouTube for a lecture at Kings College London about the importance of “Laminin” to the human body.

Laminine’s special secret ingredient was Norwegian Young Tissue Extract YTE. YTE acts a conductor to stimulate dormant stem cells in our body. It contains Avian fibroblast growth factor (FGF2) and all 20 Amino Acids.

Supplement – Benefits

There is a wide variety of health potential benefits associated with using this Amino acids supplement including: improved mood, improved calmness and happiness, increased libido (in both men and women), alertness and mental clarity, increased strength and vitality, reduced stress, improved stamina and energy, improved muscle tone, improved sleep, increased lean muscle mass, quicker recovery after workout, increased reduced “brain fog and overall sense of well-being.

It’s hard to know exactly how much YTE is in each capsule of Laminine as all it says on the label is 600mg of a proprietary blend.

There have been numerous clinical trials performed on Young Tissue Extract YTE during the last 20 years. They clearly demonstrate it provides the benefits mentioned earlier. The daily dosage that the medical studies were based on was 1600mg of YTE.

Providing only one capsule per day, it is viewed by many as an expensive supplement… What price your health?

Other alternatives can be found on the market.

Stem Fit Active also contains Norwegian YTE and provides twice the dosage of Laminine for a similar price. Again its hard to ascertain exactly how much YTE is in each capsule as the label states 500mg per capsule of a proprietary blend.

There is another product on the market which provides the full 1600mg of Norwegian YTE as used in all the medical studies. Each ingredient and the exact amount contained in each vegetarian capsule is clearly marked on the label.

When comparing with Laminine and Stem fit active, the price is cheaper and calculations suggest at least 4 times more Norwegian YTE is provided.

Young Tissue Extract provides a chain of 20 Amino Acids which are essential to life. Linear or (straight) chains of Amino’s are the building blocks of all proteins. They are also responsible for multiple functions in the metabolism. Proteins are formed from Amino Acids which are organic compounds. When proteins are digested by the body Amino Acids remain. We need these in order for us to grow and breakdown food making it a crucial part of nutrition.

You can view the clinical trials and see a Doctors product comparison on the link in my bio.

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5-HTP Benefits Explained

5-Hydroxytryptophan simply known as 5-HTP is one that indicates and precedes to the Neurotransmitter Serotonin a substance that transmits nerve impulses across the gap between neurons and an intermediate in the tryptophan metabolism.

5-HTP is an amino acid, a supplement that has been proposed to control serotonin levels in people who are suffering painful uneasiness of mind or people who are under pressure or strain. Continuous research has been proven to have this effect on serotonin in the central nervous system. Serotonin is the one responsible in the regulation of sleep, mood, temperature balance, appetite, sexual behaviors and pain sensation.

Another research has been shown useful in some conditions characterized in part by serotonin deficits, mostly psychological disorder marked especially by sadness, inactivity, difficulty in thinking and concentration, and feelings of dejection.

5-HTP can be used as nutrient support. It helps regulate normal body function. In some cases like insomnia, obesity, chronic tension, headache and fibromyalgia, 5-HTP made some patients to feel better.

5-HTP’s Psychoactive Action

It is accepted to obtain from its effect on serotonin synthesis. To increase production, the brain’s serotonin producing neurons and it is believed that it is caused by an artificially high level of 5-HTP. Increase of serotonin production leads to increased release.

It is said that 5-HTP is suggested to be administered with a peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor by some clinicians. That is to prevent elevated serotonin levels in the bloodstream and the subsequent side effects.

5-HTP is generally used to aid disorders such as depression, anxiety problems, insomnia, migraines, weight loss, and fibromyalgia.

Recent studies are made trying to make a conclusion if whether or not 5-HTP is effective and the results are as follows:

Sixty three people were prescribed 100mg of 5-HTP during the six-week period and there appear to be an outcome similar to a prescribe serotonin increaser prescription drug or anti depressant medication. This concludes that 5-HTP indeed is a beneficial treatment for depression.

Though as much as 600mg of 5-HTP was given to participants and sufferers of migraines, 5-HTP showed small signs of helping to prevent migraines. After six months of continuous use, some claimed that it was as effective as their prescription medicines.

Over a four-week period, a double blind study using a placebo where 50 people suffering from fibromyalgia participated in the research and then afterwards, they noticed a small improvement with the help of 5-HTP. Fibromyalgia is a condition that includes fatigue, and enormous joint and muscle pain.

There is a limitation in taking 5-HTP. People who would like to use 5-HTP as a supplement should first consult their physicians if they would take it together with other prescribed drugs. It should also be noted that 5-HTP should not be taken together with carbidopa, dextromethorphan, or tramadol. Also, women should avoid using 5-HTP without consulting their physicians. Using 5-HTP while nursing or pregnant has not been studied.

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How to Get a Rock Hard Erection and Say Good Bye to Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing problems getting a hard erection, you are not alone. There are over 30 million men of all ages suffering from Erection Dysfunction (ED) today in USA alone. ED often happens when a man reaches the dreaded age of 40 but can happen sooner in some cases.

Given that so many men are facing the problem today, it is no wonder that ED drugs like Viagra are in hot demand. While prescription drugs like the blue pill can indeed give you some reprieve, so to speak, they also come with severe and often fatal side effects that you must be aware of. These negative side effects include :-

1. heart attack

2. stroke

3. priapism (painful erections due to prolong and uncontrollable erections)

If prescription drugs are so dangerous, where else can you turn to for help? This article will give you the lowdown how to get that hard erection you had before (or always wanted to have) without risking your life on risky ED drugs.

Thanks to the research of many health enthusiasts, there are certain sex boosting exercises which help you get an incredibly hard erection without any drug. These sex boosting exercises can surely be called a modern wonder as their effects on the male genital organs are highly salubrious. But it should always be remembered, although these exercises surely help men regain rock hard erection, it is not possible for you to get a hard erection in a day or two. Take the example of body building. You can’t build your body in a few days. You will have to work out for a few weeks to get a nicely shaped body. Same is the case here.

You will have to stick to these sex boosting exercise plan in order to get good results.That said, now below is a highly effective, sex boosting exercise to help you get a strong erection naturally.


The plank is an exercise that strengthens your abs, your core.As your core muscles improve, they become more muscular and toned.As a result, these muscles start to demand more blood supply.Improved blood supply to your core also improves blood supply to your groin because the arteries that supply your ab core also lead to your groin.

The plank is a superior exercise for developing core strength. It is better than crunches for developing a strong core. You are naturally doing a plank if you are having sex from the missionary position without resting on your woman.

Do you want to get rock hard erection without taking any medicine? Erectile Dysfunction No More is perfectly for you.

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Top Mistakes People Make When Taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy

I have heard of so many mistakes being made by people taking testosterone replacement therapy. Some mistakes seriously impacted their quality of life, or resulted in men stopping testosterone prematurely. Here are a few of the biggest errors I’ve witnessed:

  1. Using “street sources” of testosterone: I have met many men whose doctors do not support their use of testosterone, so they buy it on the black market or from some guy at their gyms. This is illegal. Testosterone is classified as a controlled substance under the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 and has been assigned to Schedule III. It is regulated by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). A doctor can legally prescribe it but it is illegal to use without a prescription. Be aware that the buying or the using of testosterone without a proper prescription may have legal consequences. The use of testosterone and its cousin molecules (anabolic steroids) is illegal in the United States for those without a medical diagnosis that justifies their use (e.g. anemia, wasting, hypogonadism). If after reading this book you still decide to get testosterone in the black market, be beware that you could set up by informants who may alert the DEA of your purchase. Also, importing testosterone even if you have a prescription is not legal. In a nut shell: only use testosterone after a physician gives you a prescription and do not import it from other countries.
    • The use of “street” testosterone is also dangerous. No one knows what those products may contain. Some so-called testosterone products may simply contain peanut oil, sesame or grape-seed oil. You also run the risk of exposure to contaminants that could cause infection.
    • Not having a doctor follow-up your blood work is a sure way to get in trouble! If you have low testosterone, there are hundreds of doctors who will prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (refer to the Appendix section for directories). If you are using testosterone to increase muscle mass or to improve athletic performance even though you have normal testosterone levels, be smart and research all you can. And please, read the information in this book about how stopping testosterone can cause health problems (if you are using black market testosterone, chances are that your source will eventually run out).
  2. Not exploring what testosterone option is best for you: Since there is an assortment of options for testosterone replacement, it’s important that you take the time to really find out what’s best for you. Several factors are involved in deciding what would be the best testosterone replacement option for you. Among them are cost, insurance coverage, convenience, preference for daily versus weekly use, lack of time to stick to a strict daily schedule, fears of needles, and physician familiarity of the different products. For instance, some health management organizations (HMOs) programs only pay for testosterone injections since they are the cheapest option. However some men have needle-phobia and dislike weekly or bi-weekly injections that may require them to go see their doctors that frequently (some doctors do not teach their patients to self inject at home). Other men are prescribed daily gels even if their busy lives make it difficult to be perfectly compliant to the daily therapy. Some men without insurance or financial means decide not to seek help since they do not know that there are patient assistance programs set up by manufacturers, or the fact that compounding pharmacies can make cheap gels and creams with a doctor prescription (details on this information is available in the Appedix section). Every testosterone option has advantages and disadvantages that may be more suitable for one person over another, so read the following section on treatment options.
  3. Not using the right dose: Men who start testosterone need to have their testosterone blood levels rechecked twoweeks or one month after they start therapy (depending on the testosterone formulation), right before they administer the corresponding dose for that day or week. This is critical since these results are essential to deciding if the dose is right for you. Total testosterone blood levels under 500ng/dL that are not improving your sexual desire and energy should be increased to 500to 1,000ng/dL by increasing the frequency of injection or the dose.Some doctors fail to retest after they get a patient started on testosterone since they assume most men respond to 200 mg bi-weekly injections or 5 grams per day of gels. The reality is that many men require higher doses to reach total testosterone levels above mid range of normal. Those men tend to stop testosterone early because they perceive no benefits at “average”doses. Incorrect frequency of injections is a common mistake and is actually worse than not getting treatment at all. See the next sections for more details on this.
  4. Cycling on and off testosterone: Testosterone replacement is a life-long commitment in most cases. Once you start you should assume that you will stay on it unless you have an unmanageable side effect. Some patients think that “giving the body a break” once every few weeks is a good thing. What they do not know is that during the time that you are taking testosterone, your testicles stop producing it. When you stop replacement therapy you are left with no testosterone in your system for weeks while your HPG hormonal axis normalizes. Depression, weight loss, lack of motivation, and loss of sex drive can appear rapidly and with a vengeance. A few men never have their hormonal axis return to normal after stopping testosterone (especially if they were hypogonadal at baseline). Read more details on this in the section entitled “HPGA dysfunction.”
  5. Stopping testosterone abruptly due to an unrelated signal: Some of us may be taking medications for other conditions along with testosterone. Sometimes new medications can increase cholesterol and triglycerides and/or liver enzymes (I call these “signals”). Some doctors prematurely blame testosterone instead of the new medications that someone might have started. I have seen people suffer because of this poor judgment of their doctors. Weeks later, they learn that stopping testosterone did not improve any of these problems but by then they feel tired, depressed, and asexual.
  6. Not knowing how to manage potential side effects: Luckily, this will not happen to you after you finish reading this book. I know men who stopped testosterone due to swelling in their nipple area, acne, moodiness, perceived lack of benefit, hair loss, or a prostatic specific antigen (PSA) increase that was due to a prostatic infection. Knowing how to manage these side effects is essential to long-term success. If you know what side effects may occur and how to deal with them, you are less likely to prematurely stop therapy. You may just need to readjust the dose, change the delivery method, or take a medication to counteract the potential problem. Only the best physicians, who do not overreact to a side effect, know how to do this.
  7. Having a life style that is not “testosterone friendly”: If you smoke, drink more than two drinks a day, smoke too much pot, are overweight, do not exercise, do not keep your blood sugar or lipids in control, and do not show up to doctor’s appointments, you do not have a testosterone-friendly lifestyle. Studies have shown that these factors may influence your sexual function and long-term health. Excessive alcohol can decrease testosterone. Exercise can increase it if done properly or decrease it if overdone. You can read more about this later in this book.
  8. Not reading or staying “networked” with other patients: Being in isolation about information makes you a less effective patient. There are online groups of men who discuss testosterone and other issues (see the Resource section). Sharing your experiences and learning from others are keys to being an empowered and proactive patient. It’s the only way to maximize the benefits of any therapy you are using. Many of the practical “tricks” that I have learned have been obtained via this method. The collective wisdom of other people with similar issues is more powerful than just relying on everything your doctor tells, or does not tell you. Besides, most doctors treat educated patients a lot better than those who are timid about sharing and asking questions.
  9. Not switching doctors when you have to: Changing doctors can be difficult, especially if you are not a networked patient who reads a lot about your condition. Many people do not have options and have to see a certain doctor in a health management orga­nization (HMO) setting. But most of us have the option of searching for educated doctors who are not condescending and who treat you as an equal. Your doctor should be your partner in your health and not just an unquestioned authority. Although they are saving lives and have spent hundreds of hours in school and practice to do so, they are human beings who are exposed to myths and misconceptions similar to ours I have heard the most irrational things from doctors about testosterone replacement that make me question how unfortunate their patients may be. Be sure to do your homework and find a doctor who supports you in your search for optimum health. See the Resource section for directories of physicians who are trained in testosterone replacement management.
  10. Poor compliance: Forgetting when to inject or apply gels is a common complaint. Good time management and reminders are key. Find reminders that work for you. I use Google calendar which can be set up to send me text messages to my phone as reminders. Avoid the yo-yo effect that poor compliance causes! Testosterone replacement is a lifetime and life style commitment that should be explored with care.

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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts When House Hunting

Mark Nash author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home offers homebuyers fashion home runs and strikeouts when shopping for a home. It might not be obvious that what you wear when house hunting can impact what you pay for a home. Years of showing homes and introducing prospective buyers to home sellers, the way buyers project themselves fashion-wise makes a big impression.

First impressions by real estate agents and home sellers are all they have when assessing potential buyers. If you appear well-groomed, under-stated and wear home price-range-appropriate clothes you could pay less than the tattooed, big-hair, over-jeweled and torn-blue jean buyer your in competition with in multiple-offers for the same home. Buying a home is a business transaction, think business wear when shopping for a home.


-Pants are fine, but make sure they’re not low riders.

-Ditch the tee shirts, tank and tube tops. House hunting is not a vacation.

-Skirts are great. Minis send the wrong message.

-Wear comfortable but presentable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking, climbing up stairs and in and out of transportation.

-Forget high-heels. Spiked heels on shoes can easily dent bamboo and other softer wood floors. Plus if you got into the yard to take a look at the roof you might end up aerating the lawn.

-Leave the animal prints for when you’re out to a nightclub. Busy or fussy fashion looks can be distracting and not on everyone’s top ten fashion list.

-Simple jewelry and limited amounts accent your business perspective. Omit the” bling” otherwise you might end up paying more for a home, because the sellers think you can afford it.

-Simplify make-up, hair and manicure styles to appeal to the majority of people. You’re not going to get a better deal because the sellers love your fabulous acrylic nails.

-No fur coats, ever. It’s a political and extravagant statement that could cost you a home or an additional $10,000.

-No low cut or revealing looks. Very rarely do homebuyers get a discount for sex.


-Verify shoe soles aren’t caked with mud before you enter any open house. Many a homebuyer never made it to the kitchen after walking across freshly cleaned carpet with dirty shoes.

-No jogging, gym-wear, bike shorts or swimsuits. Unless, you’re testing the workout facilities in a condominium building on your second visit.

-Business-casual pants are best, but if you must wear jeans, make sure they’re clean and not ripped.

-Open collar shirts work fine, but realty agents and home sellers don’t need to see your buffed or not so buffed chest or four gold chains.

-Think twice about sporting more than one earring. If we were all the same life would be boring.

-Omit muscle and tee shirts and no underwear elastic waistbands displayed please. You might turn Ms. home seller on, but Mr. home seller might not appreciate it.

-Limit tattoo exposure, they’re the rage, but not for everyone. Ditto the ladies on this one.

-Wear simple patterned shirts with matching plain pants. Remember that red denotes power.

-Don’t over-dress to impress. Leave the cuff links and French cuffed shirts at home.


-Coffee “go-cups” aren’t a fashion accessory. Coffee is easily spilled on carpets when walking up stairs or opening closets and cabinets when touring properties.

-Baseball caps are for bad hair days. Plus they send the wrong negotiating message when purchasing the largest asset you’ll own.

-Wet umbrellas should be parked outside the front door, not on hardwood floors or entry tables and chairs.

-Wear slip on shoes when touring open houses. You might be asked to remove your shoes out of cultural respect to the owner, inclement weather or newly installed floor coverings.

-If you don’t want to take off your shoes buy and carry blue disposable surgical booties-or ask your agent for a pair.

-You must wear socks or stockings. No sandals, period. If you are asked to remove your shoes, owners don’t necessarily want your bare feet on their floors.

-Cell phones. If you need to make or receive a call go to a place where you won’t disturb others at the open house. Never negotiate a home purchase contract on a different property contract while your viewing a home.

-Carry bicycle and motorcycle helmets with you. Ask before your park them on any surface.

-Shorts are okay if they are close to knee length. No torn or overly tight styles.

-Dress for the season. Don’t wear shorts in snow or black wool in August, even if it is your best house-hunting outfit.

-Remove your sunglasses when inside buildings. People expect some eye contact.

-Go easy on the perfume. Many people have allergies to it today and they could be the owners of the house you fell in love with.

-Put cigarettes, cigars and pipes out of view. They’re not exactly a popular fashion or political statement in 2006.


-Tops, pants, shoes and socks required.

-Diapers are not fashion.

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Injections – How Much is an ml, cc, IU?

In many countries, steroids are legal and even can be purchased over the counter. As a results many of these injectable anabolics are administered by the user. Below is information aiding in the conversion of such drugs. This article does not endorse the use of illegal drugs.

I. U.= international unit. This is a unit used to measure the activity (that is, the effect) of many vitamins and drugs. For each substance to which this unit applies, there is an international agreement specifying the biological effect expected with a dose of 1 IU. Other quantities of the substance are then expressed as multiples of this standard. This also means that this measurment is not based on sheer volume or weight of the substance, but rather the effect.

ml = milliliter. This is a VOLUME measurement. it is 1/1000 of a liter. when talking about water or similar liquids, it is equivalent to one cubic centimeter.

cc = cubic centimeter. This is also a VOLUME measurement. Most syringes measure their capacity in cc’s. If you have a 5cc syringe, it will hold ~5ml of liquid in it.

mg = milligram. This is a WEIGHT measurement. It is 1/1000 of a gram. the amount of chemical substance is often measured in milligrams. For injectable solutions, this will be reported as a concentration of weight to volume, such as mg/ml (milligrams per milliliter). In the case of orally administered substances, the weight of chemical is labeled, athough the actual weight of the pill/capsule may be much higher, because of the use of filler substances. This means that a small pill may be much more potent than a large pill, so don’t judge a pill based on its size, but the actual amount of substance for which it is labeled as.

mcg = microgram = 1/1000 of a mg (milligram) There are one thousand micrograms in one milligram.

Conversion factors:

1000 mcg (microgram) = 1 mg (milligram)

1000 mg (milligram) = 1 g (gram)

1000 g (gram) = 1 kg (kilogram)

1000 ml (milliliter) = 1 liter

1ml (water) = 1cc (water)

1ml (oil) ~ 1cc (oil) (~ denotes approximately equal to)

Examples putting it all together

Say a user has some Drug XYX from two different companies. One is ‘XYX-300’ from QV, and one from BM which is ‘XYZ-100’. Both of these are XYZ DRUG, but they have different concentrations. What this means is….

for the XYZ-300:

if you take 1 ml (one milliliter) of this solution, it will take up ~1cc (one cubic centimeter) of space in the syringe. There will be 300mg (three hundred milligrams) of XYZ in this dosage.

for the XYZ-100:

if you take 1 ml (one milliliter) of this solution, it will take up ~1cc (one cubic centimeter) of space in the syringe. There will be 100mg (one hundred milligrams) of XYZ in this dosage.

If you put the syringes side by side, they appear the exact same, so what is the difference? the XYZ-300 has a concentration of 300mg/ml, while the XYZ-100 only has a concentration of 100mg/ml. This means that the syringe with XYZ-300 has three times (3x) the amount of DRUG XYZ in the same exact volume as the syringe with XYZ-100.

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The Dangers and Benefits of St John’s Wort

St. John’s wort is possibly the most well-known of natural supplements for depression by dint of the excellent response it’s produced in clinical trials. This amazing herb has shown to be effective against depression, anxiety and even insomnia as well as helping to strengthen the immune system and relieve muscle pain. So why doesn’t everyone use it? Well, as with any supplement or prescription medication, one size does not fit all. Take a look at some of the pros and cons associated with this drug, then consider having a discussion with your doctor about whether or not this would be a viable option for you.


As previously mentioned, St. John’s wort has shown to be effective against depression ranging in severity from mild to moderately severe. In fact, in clinical trials St. John’s wort tested as comparable to prescription medications such as Paxil and Zoloft. St. John’s wort does this naturally with much fewer side effects than prescription drugs and generally much cheaper. Every time you start taking a prescription antidepressant there’s a chance that it will cause adverse effects in your body including dizziness, fatigue, lack of sex drive and weight gain as well as a chance that it simply won’t work at all…or worse, have the opposite effect.

In short, if you’re looking for something that’s natural, has a low risk of side effects, works well and is cost-effective, St. John’s wort may be just the thing for you. Additionally, St. John’s wort does not seem to produce the same kind of addictive effect that prescription drugs are known for.


While St. John’s wort appears to have much less severe side effects than prescription medications, there are still indications that there are still some side effects. These side effects are not proven to be a result of the supplement, but some people reported dizziness, nausea and decreased sex drive while on St. John’s wort.

Bear in mind that this supplement is definitely not for everyone. Namely, anyone with bipolar disorder should not take the supplement; if you’re unsure of whether you have bipolar disorder or not then make sure you only proceed under the close supervision of a doctor because St. John’s wort, as with medications such as Paxil, can be hazardous for bipolar patients because they do not have a mood stabilizer and can cause a very dangerous dysphoric mania.

What to Look for and What to Expect

If you just pick a St. John’s wort supplement off the shelf without knowing what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’re wasting your money. Many of these supplements on the market have low or no hyperforin content and so will be ineffective in treating depression, so make sure you select a supplement that specifically states a 3-5% hyperforin content.

St. John’s wort builds up slowly over time in the body, so expect to take the supplement daily for about six weeks before you see any results, though some people do see results sooner. If all goes well, you will see substantial alleviation of depression symptoms after that time with few or no side effects.

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