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Shy Bladder Breath Holding Technique

Shy bladder syndrome or 'avoidant paruresis' to give it its correct terminology is classed as a social anxiety disorder. It affects the individual by inhibiting their ability to pee in front of others regardless of how desperate they may be to void their bladder.

Shy bladder breath holding technique is one of many tips that paruretics may have in the arsenal in their fight to overcome or 'manage' their condition. Whilst others tips include: relaxation, mental imagery, visualisations, distractions; This breath holding technique seems to be the one defying a clear explanation of its mechanism of action.

Does it really work?

Reports from battle-hardened veterans in the war against shy bladder syndrome bombard forums across the internet everyday. Many seemingly leap off the page with screams of 'success' after using this mysterious technique. For the first time in years, those unable to draw a drop with the threat of anyone else around, have been able to stand blue in the face until their bladders have given up the struggle.

One paruretic on the UKPT (UK paruresis trust) forum reports: "OMG … it just worked for me … I held my breath and when I was out of air after I held for a long time I suddenly felt the need to Piss and did it !!! THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! "

Another paruretic on the same forum says: "… works perfectly. Thanks for this tip."

How does the breath hold technique work?

It could be feasible to argue that this technique works in preventing paruretics to pee in situations where they would not otherwise be able to by simply overriding their inhibitions. Let's face it, regardless of anxiety levels and how your brain is functioning and perceiving information, if the first signs of anything life starting look (not breathing for example), then worrying about what others may think of you somehow loses its importance.

Paruretics become anxicous and feel a public bathroom environment is 'threatening' and 'fearful'. The fear is based around being negatively judged and scrutinised by others. This simply causes them to become extremely anxious and tense (the flip side of the physiological coin to the nice relaxed state one has to be in, in order to urinate). Although, the breath holding technique will in no way induce a calming, relaxtion effect (not breathing does not tend to do that to a person), it is doing something. We know this through experiential reports. So what else might it be?

From a physiological perspective, if you hold your breath, you stop exhaling CO2 or carbon dioxide. This causes a short term disruption in the blood, causing a rise in acidity. Blood acid levels are strictly constrained by the brain and nervous system to maintain a strict biochemical level. Any deviation from this critical blood acid level can be life threatening. Here, when the paruretic disruptions his / her normal breathing pattern and causes these changes, the brain's current occupation with 'worrying about what others may be thinking of me' is dumped in favor of 'OMG, this rise in blood acidity may get serious. Red alert. Red alert! ' The sudden lack of preoccupation with anxiety about others causes a full bladder to empty. "No worries" as they say!

How to do it!

Practice holding your breath in increments until you can comfortably reach 45 seconds and still remain calm. Once you can do this, try it out 'in the field' (at a urinal). After about 45 seconds of breath holding, you should feel a 'dropping' sensation in your pelvic floor muscles and a stream of urine should start.

For a more detailed description and medical disclaimer, go here .

Whatever the exact mechanism involved, the shy bladder breath holding technique works for some men and women. It is one of many tips paruretics use to help over this socially debilitating disorder.

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How Can I Make My Penis Bigger? Natural Way to Get a Bigger Penis

Are you interested in getting a larger penis? The truth of the matter is that the size of the penal can have a big effect on the confidence and self-esteem of a man. We are told that bigger is better and if your penis seems small to you and makes you feel inferior then it is hard to get over that. Sure, you could listen to people who say that size does not matter and that it is all in your head. These people might be right but why not actually make your penis bigger with natural methods if it is possible?

Penis enlargement is possible and it is a fact. There are thousands of men out there who have successfully and significantly enlarged the size of their penis naturally. But there are a lot more men who have tried to increase their penis unsuccessfully. The obvious solution would be to listen and follow the men who were successful. Using the methods that have already proven to work is the only logical direction to go towards.

One major reason why the vast majority of guys will never be able to successfully and permanently enlarge their penis, is because they want to achieve a massive increase in size in record fast time. It is understandable that guys with a smaller package feel inferior and depressed and they want a quick solution to their problem so they could feel confident.

Quick and easy penis enlargement methods, such as pills, various patches and pumps are advertised heavily because they make incredible promises. Of course it is all marketing hype and has nothing to do with real life results but guys fall for this hype and schemes over and over.

If your goal is to achieve a larger penis naturally, permanently and unfortunately then you need to take a different direction and have a different attitude. The truth is that penis enlargement is possible but it takes time and consistent effort. There are numerous success stories about guys who have used penile exercises to increase the size of their penalties.

Although only a few studies have been conducted on the subject of penis enlargement through penile exercises then there are a few. One of those studies was the "Chartham study." This study showed that after 3 months of consistent exercising, 28 out of the 30 men showed significant and verifiable enlargement. The average increase in length, according to this study, was 1.04 inches. The average increase in girth was 0.803 inches.The largest increase in length was 1.4 inches and largest increase in girth was 1.22 inches.

These are real life results that can be achieved through natural means and steady effort. For some men this might be very encouraging that these results can actually be achieved. Others may feel frustrated that it may take 3 months of consistent exercising to reach those numbers.

Penile exercises is the way to go and it is the best way to increase penis size in terms of results, safety and overall benefits. These exercises and natural and safe. Others methods, such as surgery, carry with them lots of risks and they are far from natural. You do not want to take any risks when it comes to your most prized possession.

These exercises use stretching, traction and compression techniques to accomplish enlargement. I am not going to go into much details but there are several type of penile exercises that enhance various aspects of the penal. Penile exercises can also be used to strengthen skeletal muscles to achieve stronger erections for example. In general you can have a larger, healthier and stronger penis thanks to these exercises.

It is necessary to keep in mind that in order to get results you must follow the right programs, be very consistent, follow instructions and be patient. If you are able to do these things then your penalization will get bigger and that way way you can increase your confidence and feel better about yourself.

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Buy P90X In Store Or Online? A Review and Where's The Best Deal Found

Looking to purchase the P90X home fitness workout program? Have you wondered if you can buy P90x in store? Well, I surprised the same thing and did some research. I thought I'd put together a quick article for any others who had the same question in mind, as well as share some success from the program.

When I first heard about the P90X Home workout program it was introduced to be by a friend I work with. He'd received it from his brother after he had successfully completed the 90-day program. Naturally I was curious as to how well he did. According to my friend, his brother lost approximately 33 pounds and the tone and definition he received was quite impressive. Seeing the results his brother received, my friend became quite motivated and began the home workout program.

From what I read, and from what my friend shared with me, the P90X home workout program is a 90 day program and focuses on intense and abbreviated workout sessions where your muscles are
Placed in a "confused" state – permanently being taken off guard during each workout session. The program consist of a series of cardiovascular and strength training moves and routines. The program is designed to target individual muscles and muscle groups, as well as provide a full body workout. This is all performed from the comfort of your home.

Initially, my friend wanted to purchase the program from a retail store, but after contacting some of the larger retailers such as Walmart, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, he was told this was not available in stores. After speaking with him, I did a search online and confirmed what he had searched. It appears that this program is only available by way of the TV infomercial, or major online retailers. I found that to be one of the best locations where discounted pricing, product package deals, and shipping discounts can be found.

My friend is about 30 days into the P90X program, and is quite excited, He's already begging seeing results – pretty cool! His enthusiasm and assassination is addicting. He's noted that he's lost about 11 pounds and now looks forward to each workout – initially it was hard for him since he was quite overweight and had not exercised too much in the past. My friend also noted that the nutrition guide included with the course took a little getting used to, but again this is coming from a guy who practically lived off of fast food restaurants – Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King.

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How To Perform The Wet Milking Method To Get A Bigger Penis

It does not matter what is the current size of the penis that the men has as they will always want to have a bigger size. Having a bigger package will give them a natural boost in confidence as they will know that they have bigger than average size. Here is one exercise call the wet milking method which you can use to get a bigger size.

Before you perform the exercise, you will need to perform the warm up exercise. The easiest way to warm up your penile area is to go for a hot shower for 5 to 10 minutes. Once you have thoroughly warm up your penile area, you will now apply good amount of lubricant to your manhood. It is important that you remain lubricated throughput the exercise. Do take note that you should only be 50% erected when you are performing this exercise.

You will now join your thumb to your forefinger so that it will form the OK sign. You will place the grip at the base of your penis and the palm of your hand should be away from your body. The next thing that you do now is to pull gently towards the head of your manhood with the OK sign. You should be sliding your OK sign fingers along the shaft of your manhood. This whole process will be one repetition and you will want to several repetitions per set.

If you are starting to get full erection, you should slow down on your exercise so that it will be back to 50% erection. You should also control the urge to ejaculate and stop the exercise when it reaches the ejaculation stage. Start slowly by doing 10 repetitions per set and slowly increase it when you are more comfortable.

This simple wet milking exercise is effective in lengthening your manhood. Do perform this exercise consistently for several weeks to see the best results.

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4 Physique Types – Swimmers Body, Dancers Body, Gymnasts Body and Runners Body

When someone thinks of their dream body type, they often use popular sports physique types to describe it. It isn’t uncommon to hear someone compare a mans build to that of a linebacker, or a womans build to that of a dancer. I am going to discuss in detail four types of athletic physiques.

The Swimmers Body: Look no further than record breaking Olympic Gold Medalist – Michael Phelps to find the picture perfect description of a swimmers body (for a man of course). His torso is lean and tone, with well defined (but not bulky) muscles. For men, the swimmer’s body type has broad shoulders, a medium to long torso and a flat as a board abdomen. What sets apart the swimmers body from other athletic types is the noticeable lean-ness of their physique and broadness of their shoulders. There long bodies combined with great posture makes for a regal effect. Ironically enough, a swimmers body type for women is a bit different. They too have well defined muscles, but because it shows mostly in their shoulders, triceps and biceps – it can come across as a little too broad or bulky. But trust there is nothing bulky about the female swimmers body – like most women athletes, the training of a swimmer leads to muscle development that the average woman never experiences.

The Gymnast’s Body: It’s usually easy to spot the trained gymnast – just look for the person that’s usually short in height, with long muscular legs and a short torso. Though male gymnasts are taller than female gymnasts (of course), generally speaking – gymnasts tend to be shorter than the average. Their strength is in their legs and upper body, so bulky muscular thighs, calves, biceps and triceps are not uncommon. This becomes even more noticeable in female gymnasts.Taller gymnasts, particularly female gymnasts tend to have leaner muscle definition. Most female gymnasts also have boxy hips and shoulders.

The Dancer’s Body: The dancer’s body type can be identified by defined calves and thighs, a long or straight torso (often emphasized by great posture) and lean muscular arms. In men, the waist line tends to be thinner and in women, the back/lower back is noticeably toned. Now this is just a general description – there are so many types of dance that bring strength and definition to different muscles in the body. For example, someone trained in ballet will have a taller and leaner looking physique, whereas someone trained in tap will have more definition in their lower legs.

The Track Runner’s Body: The sprinter track athlete’s body type is hands down the most muscular of them all and this goes for both men and women. This changes for long distance runners. Track athletes who run in cross country events have a leaner and longer muscle. The sprinter’s body type is what comes to the mind of most people when they think of a track athlete. Their muscles in their legs are extremely well defined, from the calves, to the quads and including the glutes. Theirs is a body type built for speed.

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Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises – Are They Recommended For Older Men?

Natural penis enlargement exercises can be performed by elderly men to counter the undesirable effects of aging. This can also reduce sexual aging because it potentially increases the blood flow to gonads. Apart from aging, lifestyle is another factor why some people experience different effects. Look around you to see the difference.

For example, smoking not only affects heart and lungs but also sexual vitality caused by the nicotine which decreases oxygen saturation in the blood. Nonetheless, a structured regular exercise program can work to strengthen performance. These programs do not require that you spend large amount of money as a matter of fact all you need is to practice the exercise and be patient for the result.

Enhancement exercises can be practice by older men even in the presence of complex osteoarthritis and cardiovascular condition. Brisk walking, yoga and relaxation techniques are also often recommended. There are also supplements that can improve libido count without having an effect with calorie intake. These simple exercises for bigger penis are appropriate for most men as they are not limited with exercise abilities. The programs can strengthen the pelvic muscles which can also increase stamina.

There is a proven fact that men who exercise regularly and promotes muscular activity everyday slow down the aging in men if they exercise at least five days a week. And for a man who suffers from erectile dysfunction it is recommended to do the natural penis enlargement exercises.

Take note that doctors do not prescribe penile dysfunction drugs to patients with cardiovascular disorders as these drugs may affect the flow of blood. And the faster the blood flows, the more work from your heart is needed. There are more limitations in terms of prescription to men over the age of 75. So it is much safer for them to undergo a program which is safe and practical.

As statistics indicated, most men whose age ranges from 50 and above undergo the period of having huge issues regarding their sexual life. But as mentioned above, there are few things that can be considered to avoid these malfunctions. Performing some exercises might help and can be useful to treat penile problems. This is more practical than taking pills which, most of the time, will just cause you money. Bottom line, even old men still require sexual intercourse in their lives, so exercise is a must.

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Learn How You Can Make Your Penis Longer, Thicker, and Even Bigger With Natural Penis Exercises!

Most men are always interested in making their penises bigger. Of course, some would like to them to be longer, while someone else wants it thicker. And then there are those who would prefer both! Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion, enlargement of a man’s penis is NOT magical. There has actually been research and science behind the physical aspects of enlarging a penis. And it’s actually a very simple science. Let me explain a bit of it to you.

You Mean Penis Pills Don’t Work?

Sorry to disappoint you, but no, they don’t work. But why not? What these penis pill companies put out for information is criminal. To clear up any misconception, there’s never been a scientific (or otherwise) study, and nothing that’s confirmed pills can make you bigger, and the honest answer is there’s no scientific team would waste any time testing penis pills to start with.

The best way to check out why penis pills don’t work is just look into the contents. What you’ll find out is these pills have a variety of herbs and supplements. These ingredients are most often a very low quality, and often it’s found they are at dangerous levels in these pills as well. What’s most important, though, is the fact that none of these ingredients are capable of making your penis bigger. Let’s consider for a moment that these pills actually would work. Doesn’t it seem that word would get around and everyone would be taking them? And therefore, wouldn’t most of the people you know have a fairly big penis?

The Use Of Penis Exercises Are The Only Legitimate Way To Become Larger

When the goal is to have a longer, thicker penis there are key areas of the penis that must be permanently enlarged, and this is done with pressure applied gently with hands in targeted areas (how can a pill physically enlarge a penis?) There happen to be two vital chambers that run down through your penis. It is when these chambers become gorged with blood that you have an erection. Now, think about what happens when we enlarge these two chambers so they are capable of holding more blood. Doesn’t it seem your penis would become larger as a result? Yes, it does!

And this can be accomplished by you using your own hands to work on the penis. One of the most common exercises is the grip used as you do during masturbation, but you never allow it to become 100% erect. What this accomplishes is to force blood through the chambers in hopes of creating micro-tears. The body steps in and repairs and rebuilds the damaged tissue over and over, which in time makes them bigger. Don’t worry – these exercises are painless, and the gain you will have from them is priceless.

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Vitamins and Foods That Will Naturally Increase Penis Size

Natural, natural, natural. That is all you here when it comes to male enhancement. But if you want to go really natural, you have to look at foods and vitamins. Tips on how to naturally increase penis size have to start with the natural part first. What you need to do is eat foods that enhance blood circulation. And also take vitamins that do the same thing. Here is a list of foods and vitamins you can take, and you should use these tips how to naturally increase penis size.

Onions– this has phytochemical, which makes your blood less likely to clog and clot. This is a good food to take.

Omega 3 fatty– get some of these pills and it will make your blood less sticky. Crucial for blood circulation.

Zinc and vitamin b6– the reason why they are put together is because they do the same thing when it comes to blood enhancement. It raises testosterone. Very important tip on how to naturally increase penis size.

Bananas– this food contains potassium. Guys who have increases in size of their penis need to have healthy hearts. Bananas do that.

Porridge– porridge also contributes to penile enhancement believe it or not. It contains soluble fibre that cleans up cholesterol, keeping your blood vessels smooth and stretchy.

The ultimate tip is to eat these foods and vitamins and combine them with penile enlargement exercises. This will help you to gain 2-4 inches very fast. The exercises increase blood flow and the foods enhance them. Great combo for growth.

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Make Your Penis Look Bigger – Easy And Simple Tips

As every individual is unique, two different penises may appear to be the same size when aroused but usually a vast difference when not aroused. This article is meant to provide you quick and simple tips to make your penis look bigger in all states of arousal to avoid embarrassment when caught off guard (Like in a man’s shower perhaps).

One of the most common practices to make your penis look larger than it actually is by trimming the pubic hair around the base and very carefully around the shaft. Making this a habit is a good thing as it makes your penis stand out. However, the hair that does grow back will be a little spiky so making sure your partner is fine with it before going ahead with shaving might be a good idea.

There are a variety of exercises and massages which increase blood circulation and can be performed prior to intimate encounters. The exercises are fairly short and can be done in under a minute to avoid shrinkage especially if you’re expecting it to be a little chilly once you pull your pants down. The blood running through the shaft will keep it slightly suspended instead of pulling in from the sudden change of temperature.

Losing weight makes a significant difference. Many men who have a pouch look to have a much smaller penis but are actually of average size. Two things that make it seem that way is the comparison of a huge belly to a penis makes it look much smaller. The second thing is fat also accumulates around the crotch and base of the penis which reduces the length of the shaft that is used for penetration. This not only causes you to make your penis look bigger but more than likely perform better in all aspects.

A cock ring can be used to maintain erections for longer periods of time. For example, right after ejaculation and you still intend on going, a cock ring reduces the blood flowing out from the penis too quickly which reduces the time it takes you to get into action. Cautionary note, follow instructions of use to the letter. There are cases when constricted for too long causing pain and requiring medical treatment.

Not as simple but just as effective is taking a pill to quickly gain an erection. The older men are, the longer it takes to achieve a full erection. Many pills which use natural ingredients simply increase blood circulation and even increase sex drive. Take note that once again following instructions here is important. Overdosing on something that increases your blood circulation can cause cardiac arrest and no one wants to get caught with their pants down while their penis is standing at attention.

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Porn Star Stamina Tonight? 3 Cures For Premature Ejaculation Will Give You 32 Minutes More in Bed

Have you been embarrassed by the length of your performance in bed on more than one occasion? How would you like to achieve porn star stamina and start giving your woman the time of her life in bed tonight?

Then you need to buckle up and pay close attention to every word in this article because brother, you just found the answers you’ve been looking for right here.

I can say this with one hundred percent certainty because what I am about to share with you are the cures for premature ejaculation that I used personally to last longer in bed.

These techniques are totally natural and so powerful that you will go from lasting just a few minutes in bed to having the stamina to out last your woman any time you want. The best part is that you can use these methods tonight with great success.

So don’t skip over any part of what is contained here if you are serious about having the same fantastic results that I did. If you follow these tips, I know you will!

Here’s the amazing cures for premature ejaculation you must know:

1) Master sex kung fu: Sexual kung fu is an art form developed by ancient Taoists that involves a number of different techniques designed to channel your sexual energy throughout your body instead of allowing it to build within your genitals alone.

I am going to teach you the method that works best and fastest called the passion pump. To enact the passion pump you first need to have controlled breathing. Take slow, deep breaths as you are thrusting inside of her vagina. Then you take your tongue and touch it to the roof of your mouth.

At the very same time you need to roll your eyes to the top of your head and visualize your sexual energy flowing around your body in a circular motion. Do this in the throes of passion for amazing results instantly.

2) Get in shape: It’s no secret that being in shape has plenty of benefits and of course, they extend into the bedroom. You have muscles that play a huge role in the ejaculatory process – your abdominals, pelvic muscles, and your puboccygenous or PC muscle.

Getting a good amount of cardio vascular exercise will give you extra stamina right off the bat. An average of 15-30 minutes per day will suffice for great results. Take it further by adding in core training to your workouts.

Any exercise that works your abs and all the muscles surrounding your core will help you to gain control over your ejaculation process and allow you to last longer in the sack. I recommend sit ups and back bends – 3 sets of 25 each to start.

3) Be happy: There are several emotions related to premature ejaculation that will ensure you always blow early. Stress, anxiety, and depression are the ones to watch out for. These emotions cause an imbalance of serotonin in your brain.

Low levels of serotonin have been proven to cause premature ejaculation so an easy way to fix it is to put yourself into a happy frame of mind. Figure out what activity or hobby brings you the most enjoyment and spend time doing this before your next sexual encounter.

The closer to time you are going to have intercourse, the better. The point is to spike the levels of your serotonin and add precious minutes to your time in bed.

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