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Cure Early Ejaculation – No More One Minute Man For You – Time to Gain Incredible Stamina!

Are you sick of being the guy that cannot get a woman to climax because you can barely last long enough for her to believe you are having sex with her? Do you want to know the ancient exercises that you can use to increase your stamina and help you cure early ejaculation? There is no worse suffering than that of a man that cannot last longer than a few minutes with a woman in his bed. This brings about embarrassment, shame, and disappointment. You no longer have to feel that way and here are some tips to help you last longer.

First, one of the things you can to to increase your stamina is eat the right foods. There are some very specific foods that can help you to gain some serious stamina. You can start by adding blueberries to your diet along with bananas. These fruits contain specific vitamins and minerals that are very good for your sexual parts and they will help to make your sexual muscles stronger and more durable. This is just a very small amount of the foods that you can eat to help gain sexual stamina and you need to know that you can do much more to help yourself.

Second, when you decide it is time to cure early ejaculation in your life you do not need to rush out and get a pill or some cream that is supposed to help with this problem. The truth is that the cream is going to be embarrassing because you have to put it on when you are ready for sex and the pills can come with some side effects. Either way these are not the best options when you can do natural exercises to help increase your stamina. The best exercise for this is to learn how to flex your kegal muscle. This is the muscle that controls and will cure early ejaculation.

Last, if you want to last longer in bed you have to make specific exercises including the kegal exercise a part of your normal day. Take it from a guy that was once a minute man and then a few years later could last long enough to shoot a full pornographic movie of over an hour. This is the type of stamina you want and any man can contol his climax if he wants to. The best part is the exercise you need to do so can be performed with your normal masturbation. This makes it fun to gain stamina and you will have more fun next time you have a woman in your bed with you as well.

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