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How Can I Last Longer During Sex? 3 Proven Ways to Outlast Any Woman in Bed

The key to keeping a woman happy in bed and giving her great orgasms is outlast her during intercourse. Easier said than done though because women last around 4 times longer in bed before climax.

The way around this is to learn how to last longer during sex. Here are 3 ways to outlast a woman in bed.

1. Turn the tables on her by masturbating 20 minutes before sex, this age old method can add up to ten minutes to your sexual endurance by removing the need to ejaculate.

2. Think about the basketball, a lot if men find that thinking about non erotic subjects can add a few precious minutes to their sex sessions. Strange as this tip sounds it really does not work a little practice.

3. Delay condoms, these are special condoms that have a special numbing chemical in the tip. Condoms make sex last longer anyway but these babies can double that time.

While the above all work the last thing you want is to keep trying different last longer exercises every time you make love. So why not go for a proven way to last longer during sex that does not need any chemicals or pre sex masturbation.

What you need is a natural premature ejaculation training guide. After about two weeks following one of these guided you will have full control over your ejaculation and will exceed her whenever you want to. Just imagine being able to last 4 times longer than her instead of the other way around.

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