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How To Help A Man Stay Hard Longer – 3 Powerful Tips On How To Keep Your Penis Hard Longer!

The most frequent asked that is put to me is “How to help a man stay hard longer?”

This question has become so fundamental to so many men. The reason it has surged in importance to men is because many men do not last long in bed. In fact, they suffer from premature ejaculation.

However, most men will not admit it. This is an embarrassing and awful problem to have. It ends up having such a drastic impact on your sex life. You will have few sexual partners as a result and the ones you do manage to get will most likely not stay with you long.

A woman will not tell you the truth up front because it is quite a sensitive issue. However, if your penis does not stay erect long enough, she simply won’t be satisfied. This will cause her to be bored and find other lovers. It means you won’t be having sex.

Thankfully this is not the end of the road. There are ways to fix this problem. I am going to share with a few ideas on how you can stay hard longer.

See below:

The Kegging Exercise: This is one of the most popular and effective penis exercises. You are using your PC muscle which is the muscle that causes you to urinate. This is the same muscle that controls the flow of semen from your genitals. The first step of this exercise is to go to the toilet. Just before you urinate hold on to your urine. That is the motion you are going for. You should hold on it to it strongly to the point that you can feel the force in your butt. This also plays a role in preventing ejaculation. Once you have this motion down, you can do this exercise anywhere, even when you are not urinating. You repeat this motion about 50-100 times a day, seven days a week. You can practically do it anywhere and any time. Just hold in for a few seconds and out, in and out. This can be quite tiring but once you master it, you will notice incredible results in the bedroom.

Herbal Pills: There are a wide variety of herbal bills which can make you stay hard longer in bed. Some of these herbs are extracted from plants from the Amazon rain forest and have proven to be quite effective in curing the problem. You have to be careful as not all these pills work. In fact, some of them don’t work at all.

Viagra: An infamous pill that has brought back the joy of sex to millions of people. This blue pill will cause your penis to become rock hard. Part of the reason is it causes a massive amount of blood to flow into your genital area. You will definitely have a strong hard penis but it doesn’t solve the problem of premature ejaculation. This pill was created to deal with erectile dysfunction (people that had a problem getting it up in the first place). You will find yourself ejaculating, probably at the same time you always have been. Only now your genital is still hard, which can be annoying and sometimes painful. Keep in mind that this pill also comes with a whole load of health risks.

Listed above were a few ideas on how to help a man stay hard longer. You really want to fix this problem as soon as possible so you can start to enjoy sex the way it is supposed to be. Also so you can keep hold of your sexual partners.   

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