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Jelqing and Stretching – Which Works Best For Male Enhancement?

Guys have been learning that the top 2 exercise methods for how to get a bigger male enhancement size are jelqing and stretching. Confusion often arises on which one is better in order to get a bigger penis in the least amount of time possible.

Jelqing and Stretching

Let’s first generally describe what these two exercise methods are.

Jelqing is the hand exercise where you wrap one hand around the base of your member and slowly massage it forward and release at just before the base. Then you repeat with the other hand. This is continued for a number of sets and reps. You are usually in a semi-erect state and well lubricated.

Stretching on the other hand, generally consists of gently stretching out your member, holding it for a moment, releasing and then repeating for a number of reps.

Jelqing results tend to be both increased length as well as increased girth. Whereas stretching is mainly concerned with increased length.

So right off the bat, when it comes to jelqing and stretching, the jelq exercise has the upper hand as far as being able to accomplish gains in two areas: length and girth.

Furthermore, it seems stretching on it’s own can take a very long time to achieve gains. It is much more effective when you use stretching alongside of the jelq exercise.

But it really depends on your goals:

  • If you want added length, stretching only exercises may be for you.
  • If you only want girth gains (thickness) then jelqing is for you.
  • If you only want to do one exercise but want both length and girth gains, then jelqing is for you.
  • If you want maximum size in both length and girth, then you should combine jelqing and stretching together into a routine.

Most guys tend to what the best of both worlds: increased length and added girth. But there are some men who are unsure or confused on what they really want and whether they should devote their time to learning how to stretch for length or jelq for length and girth.

Here is a practical way I came up with for practicing male exercise methods for men who are unsure of their enhancement goals:

  1. Start with a routine which focuses both the jelqing exercise and supplemental stretching exercises. This will get you started and have you experiencing some size gains after several weeks.
  2. After you have gained some overall size both length wise and girth wise, then decide where you want to go from here. Everyone is different and you will have hopefully gotten a taste of results in both areas.
  3. You can either continue on with jelqs and stretches or you can specialize. That is say you want to aim for greater length, then you can focus more on stretches. Or if you want to add girth, then you can focus on specialized jelqing exercises, such as the reverse jelq.

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